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D.I.I.V. Ltd for marine, freshwater ans subterraniana ecology (DIIV )    ecology research & consulting Croatia
Daffodil International University (DIU)    Not specified Bangladesh
Dakar-ID/USAID (USAID)    Not specified United States
Dalhousie University (CIFT)    Not specified Canada
Dalhousie University, Faculty of Science    Under Dalhousie's Strategic Research Plan, ocean studies, health studies, materials research, energy and environmental studies have been identified as major areas of strength for the university.... Canada
Dalit Welfare Organisation (DWO)    The Dalit Welfare Organisation (DWO), established in 1994 and registered in the office of District Administration in Kathmandu on 16 September 1994, is a member-based movement-oriented non... Nepal
Danish Institute for Fisheries Technology and Aquaculture (DIFTA)    Fishing gear selectivity, Survival of fish escaping from fishing gear, Marine mammal / fisheries interactions. Denmark
Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)    [EDMO:469] weather, ocean and climate research and operational service Denmark
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA)    [EDMO:2178] environmental protection Romania
Danube Hydro-meteorological observatory (DHMO)    [EDMO:2231] Danube Hydrometeorological Observatory (DHMO), is the structural unit of State Committee for Hydrometeorology of Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Affairs, was established in September 1960. It... Ukraine
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