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Details of LcDR Miguel Vásquez   


Gender male
Job title Head Of Oceanography Department
Servicio Hidrográfico y Oceanográfico de la Armada ( SHOA)
Errazuriz 254 Playa Ancha 324 Valparaíso
Nationality Chile
Tel 56-32-2266671
Fax 56-32-2266542
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Website http://www.shoa.mil.cl
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Group(s): IOC , GOOS , GOOS Regional Alliances , IODE National Coordinators for Marine Information Management , JCOMM , Observations Programme Area (OPA) , GLOSS Group of Experts , Ship Observations Team (SOT) , GLOSS , Tsunami , IOC ICG/PTWS , ABE-LOS , Sea Level Observation Team , ITIC , IODE network contacts
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