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June 2012 Participants : The course is restricted to 10 persons in order to ascertain individual service of your identification problems on your own samples. Welcome are all persons working or intend to work with dinoflagellates and their cysts (students, technical assistants, scientists) with basic knowledge of dinoflagellates. Program : Nov. 29 (Th) : Arrival, from 1800 Welcome party Nov. 30 (Fr) : 0900- 1230 Welcome, Housekeeping, Introduction to Dinophyceae 1400-1800 Introduction to Taxonomy, Introduction to Prorocentrales, microscopic sample examination Dec. 01 (Sa) : 0900- 1230 Taxonomy of recent dinoflagellate cysts, methods for isolation and incubation 1400-1800 Introduction to Dinophysiales including microscopic sample examination of the participants Dec. 02 (Su) : 0900- 1230 Introduction to Recent and Fossil Peridiniales 1400-1800 Peridiniales, continued, including microscopic sample examination of the participants Dec. 03 (Mo) : 0900- 1230 Introduction to Recent and Fossil Gonyaulacales 1400-1800 Gonyaulacales, continued, including microscopic sample examination of the participants Dec.. 04 (Tu) : 0900- 1230 Introduction to nomenclature 1400-1800 Introduction to Podolampaceae; Peridiniales and Gonyaulacales, continued microscopic sample examination of the participants Dec. 05 (We) : 0900-1230 Introduction to Gymnodiniales 1400-1800 Gymnodiniales continued, microscopic sample examination of the participants Dec. 06 (Th) : 0900- 1230 Introduction to benthic and coccoid Dinophyceae 1400-1800 Microscopical work on the samples of the participants, General discussion Dec. 07 (Fr) : Departure Language : English Accommodation : will be provided in the guest-house of the Wattenmeerstation. Course fee including accommodation but exclusive meals : EURO 400,-- For students : EURO 250,-- Samples (fixed plankton samples or freh sediment samples for cyst isolation) and photos of the taxa you have difficulty with identifying are welcome ! Please remember, that there is no funding for travelling, accommodation and daily expenses from the German side. …†ŠЫдXdhƒ™ЋЗђљ"$GIMO‡‰ŒŽъы jlorсучщ  ! # Ž  ” – Ъ Ь Я б A C G I l n q s      , . 1 3  ‚ • — ›  а в єяцоцоцоаоцоцоцоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧооЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧоЧояоЧяоЧоЧоЧояоЧоЧоЧ5H*\mH sH 5>*B*\mH phџsH 5\mH sH 5>*\mH sH mH sH 5CJ \aJ mH sH N@At…†ЫЬWX‚ƒЊЋёђ§ў34xєєєєьъъкЪЪЪЪьЪьььььК„p„ї1$7$8$H$^„p`„ї„T„Ќљ1$7$8$H$^„T`„Ќљ„ „`њ1$7$8$H$^„ `„`њ1$7$8$H$ $1$7$8$H$a$§x„…ЋъыghЭЯ  { | Ч Ш * яяпгбССБгЉЉБЉБ ЦO1$7$8$H$1$7$8$H$„д „œњ1$7$8$H$^„д `„œњ„и „(ђ1$7$8$H$^„и `„(ђ „д 1$7$8$H$^„д „д „~њ1$7$8$H$^„д `„~њ„4 „ 1$7$8$H$^„4 `„ * + , - . g h ” ђ ѓ *  ‚ ƒ Ю ызззззУГУЋГЁ‘„Š„~њ1$7$8$H$^„Š`„~њ„Ю „2ђ1$7$8$H$^„Ю `„2ђ „Ю „~њ^„Ю `„~њ1$7$8$H$„д „œњ1$7$8$H$^„д `„œњ ЦO„o„$ї1$7$8$H$]„o`„$ї ЦO„м„$ї1$7$8$H$^„м`„$ї ЦO„д „,ђ1$7$8$H$^„д `„,ђв е з B J Y f Љ п я ћ јяјцјцјцјцј5>*\mH sH 5H*\mH sH 5\mH sH  Ю # $ ? @ A B X Y Ј Љ ю я    Њ Ћ япппзззззззззззззе1$7$8$H$„Ю „2ђ1$7$8$H$^„Ю `„2ђ„Ю „~њ1$7$8$H$^„Ю `„~њ,1hА‚. 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