ࡱ> vxu{ kPbjbjBrBr ;T  9 0008hdD0*L\rrr<<<*******$-20F'*9 ^ '*rrl`*%%% frr*% *%%:U(,(r@ S!^( )v*0*(.x1O"x1((x1( <0l"%<<<'*'*#<<<* x1<<<<<<<<< $ : IOC Circular Letter No. 2467 IOC/PP/pp (Available in English only) 14 January 2013 To: IOC Member States in the Gulf region IODE national coordinators of IOC Member States in the Gulf region Cc Permanent Delegations of IOC Member States in the Gulf region National Commissions of IOC Member States in the Gulf region Subject: Data and Information Survey in the Area of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea To manage our interaction with the ocean, including both how we benefit from the ocean and how we affect it, we need, as a priority, data collection and management and the development of information for societal benefit. To meet the needs of users for data and information products, the IOC International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) programme was established in 1961. Today IODE underpins all IOC activities and, as a global system, facilitates the exchange of marine data and information and assists decision-makers in Member States in effectively meeting economic, social and political challenges at the local, national, regional and global levels. Since its establishment, the IODE network has been able to collect, control the quality, archive millions of ocean observations and make these available to Member States. The success of IODE is based on the goodwill of Member States to co-operate and on the commonly agreed data exchange policy of timely, free and unrestricted international exchange of oceanographic data which is of a special value and importance to the countries which are considering joining IODE. / The IOC Assembly, at its 24th session in June 2007, recognized the need for all IOC Member States to build national capacity in oceanographic data and information as well as equitable access to oceanographic data and information. To help Member States in these efforts IODE has been developing and implementing a series of regional projects which are known under the brand name of ODIN Ocean Data and Information Network. ODIN projects aim at enabling Member States to gain access to data available in almost 100 national IODE centres around the world, develop skills and provide training opportunities for manipulation of data and preparation of data products to respond to the needs of a wide variety of user groups. Presently ODIN projects are being implemented in six regions: Africa, Latin America, Western Pacific, Pacific Islands, Black Sea and Eastern Europe. They helped in substantially increasing the capacity of participating countries. For more information about IODE and ODIN projects we invite you to visit the IODE website at  HYPERLINK "http://www.iode.org" http://www.iode.org and the ODIN webpage at  HYPERLINK "http://www.iode.org/odin" http://www.iode.org/odin. One may notice that the IODE network has a big gap in the north-western part of the Indian Ocean with very few data centres and no ODIN type projects. At the same time lives of millions of people settled along the coasts of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, and tourists who are being attracted by warm waters, nice facilities and traditional hospitality depend to a large extent on marine and coastal resources and the state of marine and coastal environment. The ability to acquire, manage, archive and disseminate relevant data, and capacity to generate products and services in support of decision-making and management of the sea and coastal zone therefore becomes of vital importance. Recalling the decision of the IOC Assembly at its 26th session urging IOC Member States to increase their participation in international oceanographic data and information exchange through the establishment and/or strengthening of national oceanographic data centres (NODCs) and marine information management infrastructures (Marine Libraries) as well as requesting to make use of the Ocean Data and Information Networks (ODINs) as a common platform for capacity development, we call on all Member States of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea region to make urgent actions in implementing the IOC Assembly decision on IODE. As a first step in this direction we invite all Member States of the region to provide by the middle of February 2013 the following information to the IOC Secretariat (attention of Dr Iouri Oliounine at  HYPERLINK "mailto:i.oliounine@unesco.org" i.oliounine@unesco.org): information on sea and coastal research institutions, ocean data centres and marine libraries in your country (including name of the institution, address, contact name and email address); information on sea and coastal research and observations experts, data management experts and marine librarians (including full name, institution, its mail and email addresses); expression of interest to participate in discussions on the possible establishment of a sub-regional Ocean Data and Information Network for the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea region. By this circular letter we also request you to identify training needs (short/medium-term training) in subjects related to ocean research and observation, including ocean data and information (library) management. This information will be summarized and used for the formulation of a proposal on the establishment of a sub-regional network for ocean data and information exchange in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea region. Preliminary discussions can be held during the upcoming 22nd Session of the IODE Committee (Ensenada, Mexico, 1115 March 2013). An invitation letter to the 22nd Session has been sent to the IOC focal points in your countries on 9 October 2012 (IOC Circular Letter 2457) and can also be viewed on the IOC web page  HYPERLINK "http://www.iode.org/c12457" http://www.iode.org/c12457. Depending on interest, a more in-depth meeting could be organized either during the upcoming 27th Session of the IOC Assembly (Paris, France, June-July 2013) or in the region. We are looking forward to your answers by mid-February as per our deadline above. Allow me to re-iterate the importance of the participation of your countrys representatives at the 22ndSession of the IODE Committee as it will give them an opportunity to contribute to the discussion of the draft proposal and will help the IOC to meet countries needs in the most effective and efficient way. Looking forward to meeting you in Mexico at the IODE session in March 2013, Yours sincerely, [signed] Wendy Watson-Wright Executive Secretary, IOC Assistant Director-General, UNESCO     -  PAGE 3 - INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION COMMISSION OCANOGRAPHIQUE INTERGOUVERNEMENTALE COMISIN OCEANOGRFICA INTERGUBERNAMENTAL  ",!"/  $'!/ !!/ 'DD,F) 'D/HDJ) 'D-CHEJ) D9DHE 'DE-J7'* ?e^wm mf[YXTOUNESCO - 1, rue Miollis - 75732 Paris Cedex 15 cable address: UNESCO Paris - telex: 204461 Paris - fax: (33) (0)1 45 68 58 12 - contact phone: (33) (0) 1 45 68 39 83/84 E-mail: w.watson-wright@unesco.org ChairpersonVice-ChairpersonsDrSang-Kyung BYUN Principal Research Scientist Climate Change & Coastal Disaster Research Dept. Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) 787 Haeanlo Ansan 426-744 REPUBLIC OF KOREA Executive Secretary DrWendy WATSON-WRIGHT Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO 1, rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15, FRANCEProf. Peter M. HAUGAN Director, Geophysical Institute University of Bergen Allegaten 70 5007 Bergen NORWAY DrAtanas PALAZOV Director, Institute of Oceanology Varna Bulgarian Academy of Sciences P.O. Box 152 Varna 9000 BULGARIA Capt. Frederico Antonio SARAIVA NOGUEIRA Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation Rue Baro de Jaceguai, s/n Ponta da Armao Niteri, Rio de Janeiro CEP 24.048.900 BRAZIL Prof. Yutaka MICHIDA University of Tokyo Member of National Committee for IOC Kashinoha 5-1-5 Kashiwa 277-8564 Chiba JAPANProf. Adot Blim BLIVI Chef de Recherche Head of CGILE !&'BCMQRSTUVZ\`vgXL=hkrRhkrR^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH hlAhlA^JaJmH sH hlAh?V*^JaJmH sH "hlAhhup^JaJmH sH hlAh "^JaJmH sH hlAhup^JaJmH sH h95\^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH hlAh^JaJmH sH h5\^JaJmH sH h_5\^JaJmH sH "hlAh "5\^JaJmH sH 'TUV L P Q * E gd `^``gd `^``gdF84 `^``gdlA `^``gd?V*$ `^``a$gd_  9r gdsT 7`n ' ʻznbzbzVNFN:Vh$^JaJmH sH hupmH sH hkrRmH sH hkrR^JaJmH sH h_^JaJmH sH h8^JaJmH sH h8h8^JaJmH sH h$h8^JaJmH sH h?V*h?V*^JaJmH sH h?V*mH sH h?V*^JaJmH sH h8h?V*^JaJmH sH h?V*^JaJmH sH h$^JaJmH sH hkrRhkrR^JaJmH sH hkrRhup^JaJmH sH ' + 9 K L O P Q Z    \ ] ɼpdpdUpdpdpIh^JaJmH sH hhup^JaJmH sH hup^JaJmH sH hh^JaJmH sH hh5^JaJmH sH h^5^JaJmH sH hhup5^JaJmH sH hlAhF845^JaJmH sH hlA5^JaJmH sH h8h8^JaJmH sH h$^JaJmH sH hkrR^JaJmH sH hupmH sH hkrRmH sH yjCE~  & F 7^`gdsT & F 7x^`gdsT & F 7x^`gdsTxgdsT$a$gd?V*gd/0:<QR68EF#&%*256WXY彮ُjW%jhsThU^JaJmH sH +jhsThU^JaJmH sH hsTh^JaJmH sH %jhhU^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH hh^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH hhH*^JaJmH sH hup^JaJmH sH hh^JaJmH sH h?V*^JaJmH sH Ylmr{ACIKfj ο~l`TTEThh1^JaJmH sH h1^JaJmH sH h^^JaJmH sH #hsThE0J>*^JaJmH sH %jhsThEU^JaJmH sH hsThE^JaJmH sH %jhhEU^JaJmH sH hup^JaJmH sH hh^JaJmH sH hup^JaJmH sH %jhhU^JaJmH sH #hsTh0J>*^JaJmH sH YZAC]iij!%༩ui]NNNhh1^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH #hsTh0J>*^JaJmH sH %jhsThU^JaJmH sH hsTh^JaJmH sH %jhhU^JaJmH sH hE^JaJmH sH h^^JaJmH sH h1^JaJmH sH hh^JaJmH sH hhH*^JaJmH sH %-.12`b$%&@ABXY񶧑~lYM>hh1^JaJmH sH h1^JaJmH sH %jhhU^JaJmH sH #hsTh0J>*^JaJmH sH %jhsThU^JaJmH sH +jhsThU^JaJmH sH hsTh^JaJmH sH %jhhU^JaJmH sH hhH*^JaJmH sH h^^JaJmH sH h1^JaJmH sH hh^JaJmH sH   !)Cnr~  !!7!8!༰ణuffWhlAhEc^JaJmH sH hlAhQGx^JaJmH sH hlAhR^JaJmH sH hlAh "^JaJmH sH h=0h=06^JaJmH sH h=06^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH hg^JaJmH sH hE^JaJmH sH h1^JaJmH sH hh^JaJmH sH hhH*^JaJmH sH "~ !8!9!;!!?!A!B!D!E!T!U!$ 7a$ 7l  7gdQGx  7gd=0 ^gd=0  ^gdgd8!9!:!'?'T'h'''''''''9PNPXPaPfPj$If^`jgd&('?'''P9POPPPaPePfPgPhPiPjPkPҽwso`hlAh^JaJmH sH hL]qhlAhRhlACJaJ$h`hlAB*CJ\^JaJph)hIhlAB*CJ^JaJmH phsH U!h`hlAB*CJ^JaJph)h`hlAB*CJ^JaJmH phsH ,h`hlAB*CJ\^JaJmH phsH ,h`hlAB*CJ\^JaJmHphsHMinistre de lEnseignement Suprieur et de la Recherche University of Lom, B.P. 1515 Lom 228 TOGO fPgPhPiPjPkPy 7lykdH@$$IfT \ ~!0* u  0*64 aytT9 0 00&P 1h. 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