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The recommendations from the last regional IOC FANSA meeting held in Chile in January 2011 summarized as follows: It is required international cooperation for the development of multidisciplinary projects in South America. During this meeting it was recommended to ask approval and support of GEOHAB for the development of a particular project on Dinophysis acuminata, including genetic, taxonomic, dynamic and toxigenic aspects, considering its wide distribution and toxic effects in South America. Uruguay and Brazil started cooperation for the initial phase of the research project. It is considered relevant to continue the FANSA ALGAS NOCIVAS PORTAL edition to disseminate the news and the available information from the region. The Portal might be edited and located at the IOC HAB programme. Since few experts from Latin America are integrating the Task Teams within the HAB Programme, it is necessary to promote FANSA experts participation at international task teams on: biotoxins methods and regulatory limits, as well as taxonomy and ecology of harmful phytoplankton, and Fish-killing. Incorporate identification and quantification of harmful phytoplankton species in biotoxins monitoring programmes lacking of it. Perform intra-laboratory exercises on PSP and ASP analyses, for the laboratories providing services. Update the HAB-MAP database and promote the publication of updated results from the region . Update the HAEDAT database from 2000 onwards; national focal points are responsible for carrying out this task. In addition to countries contribution, to ask the IOC Executive Secretary to increase the budget for the development of the next "IOC FANSA Workshop Country by country evaluation of the socio-economic impacts of HABs. Noted the number of students from FANSA region that apply for IOC courses on phytoplankton and marine biotoxins organized by the IOC centres, it is required international support for the organization of similar courses in Latin America with the local expertise. Promote short term scientific visits within the region to improve capabilities on taxonomy, toxin analysis and monitoring. Promote intercalibration exercises for taxonomic identification and quantification of harmful phytoplankton, focused on Latin American species. There is need within the countries of the FANSA group to incorporate validated new technologies to detect and quantify marine toxins, such as enzime based kits and HPLC-MS for lipophilic toxins. 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