ࡱ> kmj{ <bjbjzz >@x  $$$$$8888pDD8m)B( 666>>R ((((((($,a/(9$^^^^($$66l')"""^r$6$6("^(""V,'@'6@CىD l' (=)0m)x'00R!0'0$' ^^"^^^^^(("^^^m)^^^^0^^^^^^^^^ $ :  IOC Circular Letter No. 2485 IOC/WWW/PP/wz (Available in English) Paris, 23 April 2013 To: Official National Coordinating Body for liaison with the IOC of IOC Member States in the WESTPAC region IODE National Coordinators for Oceanographic Data Management in the WESTPAC region IODE National Coordinators for Marine Information Management in the WESTPAC region Cc: Co-Chairs of the IOC Committee on IODE Permanent Delegations/Observer Missions to UNESCO and National Commissions of IOC Member States in the WESTPAC region Subject: IODE National Coordinators for Data Management/ IODE National Coordinators for Marine Information Management (WESPTAC Region) Sir, Madam, Through this Letter we would like to invite you to provide or confirm the names and addresses of the IODE national coordinator for data management and IODE national coordinator for marine information (library) management in your country. Regarding the IODE national coordinator for marine information management we also refer to the web page  HYPERLINK "http://www.iode.org/nc-mim" http://www.iode.org/nc-mim where the revised terms of reference for this national coordinator are provided. We recall that during its 22nd Session (1115 March 2013), the IODE Committee noted with regret the low level of activity of the Ocean Data and Information Network for the Western Pacific region (ODIN-WESTPAC) and urged Member States to accept the invitation to work together in this region. In order to stimulate activity the following work plan was adopted by the Committee: Confirm national focal points for Data Management and Marine Information Management. Send a Circular Letter to both IOC national focal points and IODE national coordinators for data management and for marine information management. Responses to be requested by end May 2013. ODINWESTPAC Working Group meeting proposed to be held in NMDIS, China, in the 4th quarter 2013; invite Chair IOC/WESTPAC, Head IOC/WESTPAC Office and representative from IODE. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the development of a strategy for the ODINWESTPAC project, identify activities for the region, and develop a work plan for intersessional period. Prepare a draft agenda by end June 2013 to be discussed by Working Group members at the IOC Assembly. Final agenda to be agreed and distributed by end July 2013. A training course proposed for 2014 with details to be decided at Working Group meeting of 2013. Organize a short workshop (1/2 to 1 day) on ODINWESTPAC activities at the IOC WESTPAC Scientific Symposium, NaTrang, VietNam in 2014. Promote the implementation of the IODE QMF (Quality Management Framework) for all National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODC) in ODINWESTPAC The current Circular Letter represents action1 of the work plan. As soon as we have received responses from all WESTPAC Member States we will then be able to proceed with the planning of the ODINWESTPAC Working Group meeting. In order to enable us to proceed with the work plan in a timely fashion, we will appreciate your reply not later than 30 May 2013. Responses should be sent to MrPeterPissierssens, Head of the IOC Project Office for IODE (e-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:p.pissierssens@unesco.org" p.pissierssens@unesco.org or fax: +32-59-79 52 20). Looking forward to a successful Session I remain, Yours sincerely, [signed] Wendy Watson-Wright Executive Secretary, IOC Assistant Director-General, UNESCO     -  PAGE 2 - INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION COMMISSION OCANOGRAPHIQUE INTERGOUVERNEMENTALE COMISIN OCEANOGRFICA INTERGUBERNAMENTAL  ",!"/  $'!/ !!/ 'DD,F) 'D/HDJ) 'D-CHEJ) D9DHE 'DE-J7'* ?e^wm mf[YXTOUNESCO - 1, rue Miollis - 75732 Paris Cedex 15 cable address: UNESCO Paris - telex: 204461 Paris - fax: (33) (0)1 45 68 58 12 - contact phone: (33) (0) 1 45 68 39 83/84 E-mail: w.watson-wright@unesco.org ChairpersonVice-ChairpersonsDrSang-Kyung BYUN Principal Research Scientist Climate Change & Coastal Disaster Research Dept. Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) 787 Haeanlo Ansan 426-744 REPUBLIC OF KOREA Executive Secretary DrWendy WATSON-WRIGHT Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO 1, rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15, FRANCEProf. Peter M. HAUGAN Director, Geophysical Institute University of Bergen Allegaten 70 5007 Bergen NORWAY DrAtanas PALAZOV Director, Institute of Oceanology Varna Bulgarian Academy of Sciences P.O. Box 152 Varna 9000 BULGARIA Capt. Frederico Antonio SARAIVA NOGUEIRA Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation Rue Baro de Jaceguai, s/n Ponta da Armao Niteri, Rio de Janeiro CEP 24.048.900 BRAZIL Prof. Yutaka MICHIDA University of Tokyo Member of National Committee for IOC Kashinoha 5-1-5 Kashiwa 277-8564 Chiba JAPANProf. Adot Blim BLIVI ")+,:AJWX]  U k   sg[[[O[h3`^JaJmH sH h^^JaJmH sH h7f;^JaJmH sH "hdPJ^JaJmH nHsH tH(hF84h7f;PJ^JaJmH nHsH tHh]j^JaJmH sH hd^JaJmH sH hF84h7f;^JaJmH sH h Qz5\^JaJmH sH h7f;5\^JaJmH sH "hF84h7f;5\^JaJmH sH hnP5\^JaJmH sH ,XYl m    {tgd7f;$`^``a$gd3` `^``gd7f;$ 7a$gd7f; ^`gd7f;$ 77^7`a$gd7f; 77^7`gd7f; `^``gd7f;  9r gd7f; 7gd7f;     $ % ? @ N Ȼ⣗ucWK;WKhivhivH*^JaJmH sH hiv^JaJmH sH h3`^JaJmH sH #h3`h^0J>*^JaJmH sH h3`h^^JaJmH sH %jh3`h^U^JaJmH sH h^^JaJmH sH h^^JaJmH sH h7f;^JaJmH sH h7f;5^JaJmH sH h3`5^JaJmH sH h^5^JaJmH sH hF84h7f;5^JaJmH sH hnP5^JaJmH sH   /"7Quv  7lgd7f;  7gd7f;  7gd3`^gd3`  & F 7gd_uxgd"!gd7f;`^``gd7f;N  oq  CbkععععععةؐuiuW"hO hr 5>*^JaJmH sH hr ^JaJmH sH hF84h7f;^JaJmH sH h3`^JaJmH sH h!^JaJmH sH h3`\^JaJmH sH h3`h3`\^JaJmH sH h3`\^JaJmH sH "h_uh_uH*\^JaJmH sH h_uh_u\^JaJmH sH hnP^JaJmH sH h_u^JaJmH sH !  0op!"wxĹĕ~ocVF7h.%h^JaJmH sH h3`h3`6^JaJmH sH h3`6^JaJmH sH h7f;^JaJmH sH hF84h3`^JaJmH sH ,jh3`h7f;0J>*U^JaJmH sH #h3`h7f;0J>*^JaJmH sH #jh3`h7f;UmH sH h3`h7f;mH sH jh3`h7f;UmH sH h3`^JaJmH sH hF84h7f;^JaJmH sH "hO hO 5>*^JaJmH sH vwxz{}~< $If^ 7$If^ 7$If^ 7<$If]$ 7a$ 7l  7lgd7f;xy{|~<dfǹyeUh]j@B*OJQJo(ph&h]jB*CJ$^JaJ$nHo(phtH%h]jB*CJ$Z^J_HaJ$o(ph%h]jB*CJ Z^J_HaJ$o(phh]j5@\^JmH sH h]j5@\^Jh]j@B*\^Jph h]jo(jh]jUh"!0JmHnHu h]j0Jjh]j0JUh]jhk%jhk%Ub+OP]opzo[ 7dtxx$Ifgd x$Ifgd x$Ifgd gd7f;  <NkdR>$$IfTr0 ( (4 aT 7$If^ $If^ 3MNOPQoprzePe8/hth]jB*CJ\^JaJmH o(phsH )hIh]jB*CJ^JaJmH phsH )h`h]jB*CJ^JaJmH phsH !h`h]jB*CJ^JaJph$h`h]jB*CJ\^JaJphh`h]jaJ,jh`h]jUaJhmH nH sH tH h]jmH sH hRh]j@mH 4sH 4 h]j@)jh]jCJUhmHnHsH tH uh]jjh]jUmHnHupqr '9{jjjYYYje$If^`egdj$If^`jgdwkd>$$IfT\ ~!0* u  0*64 aytT xx$Ifgd   &9MdԽԨp[Fp/,h`h]jB*CJ\^JaJmHphsH)h`h]jB*CJ^JaJmHphsH)h`h]jB*CJ^JaJmH phsH !h`h]jB*CJ^JaJph)hIh]jB*CJ^JaJmH phsH #h`h]jaJhmH nH sH tH )h`h]jB*CJ^JaJmH phsH ,hth]jB*CJ\^JaJmH phsH /hth]jB*CJ\^JaJmH o(phsH &h]jB*CJ\^JaJmH phsH 9Md)01Cm.FUj$If^`jgd x$IfgdF]<Y<o<p<<<<<<<<<վnc_[Lh.%h^JaJmH sH hk%h]jhRh]jCJaJ$h`h]jB*CJ\^JaJph)hIh]jB*CJ^JaJmH phsH U!h`h]jB*CJ^JaJph)h`h]jB*CJ^JaJmH phsH ,h`h]jB*CJ\^JaJmH phsH ,h`h]jB*CJ\^JaJmHphsH&h]jB*CJ\^JaJmHphsHU\]r< <Y<n<x<<<j$If^`jgdChef de Recherche Head of CGILE Ministre de lEnseignement Suprieur et de la Recherche University of Lom, B.P. 1515 Lom 228 TOGO <<<<<<y 7lykd#?$$IfT \ ~!0* u  0*64 aytT< 00&P 1h:p"!. 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