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The IPHAB Chair emphasized the decisions and recommendations made regarding an international strategy for international cooperative research on HABs in a changing world: A New Global Approach to HAB Research to Meet Societal Needs; the development of a Global HAB Status Report; capacity building; a focussed effort to address Ciguatera, and the regional development of the Programme. The IPHAB Chair requested the assistance of the Assembly in ensuring participation in IPHAB of the Member States not already members and recognition in the appropriate national agencies and institutions of IPHAB. The IPHAB Chair urged the IOC Member States to carefully match the HAB Programme Work Plan with national priorities and potential funding in order to actively interact with and support its implementation. The Assembly reiterated the widespread and permanent impacts of HAB events on fisheries, aquaculture, human health, and tourism. The Assembly confirmed the importance of shared efforts and cooperation in both HAB research and management practises. The Assembly underlined the importance of coordination between global and regional IOC HAB Programme activities to avoid duplication, enhance synergies and economise resources. The Assembly welcomed the development of a regular Global HAB Status Report and saw it as complimentary to the World Ocean Assessment. Furthermore, the development of GEOHAB into a research agenda for the coming decade entitled GlobalHAB was welcomed including a strong focus on Ciguatera jointly with WHO and FAO. The Assembly noted the long-term capacity building efforts of the IOC HAB Programme, particularly those for African Member States. The initiative on HABs and desalination was commended. The Assembly expressed its appreciation to Denmark for its longstanding commitment to hosting the IOC Science and Communication Centre on Harmful Algae and to Japan for its longstanding support to WESTPAC-HAB. Denmark confirmed its commitment to do all it can to continue to host the Centre. The representatives of 15 Member States and PICES took the floor. The following Member States and Organization chose to provide records of their plenary intervention on this agenda item for the informational annex to the meeting report: Republic of Korea, Thailand, USA and PICES. The Assembly adopted Decision IOC-XXVII/Dec.5.4.2. The Assembly, Recalling IOC Resolution XVI-4, which established the Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms, Having considered the Executive Summary Report of the 11th Session of the IOC Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms (IPHAB), its seven Decisions and four Recommendations and the Work Plan for 20142015 adopted at the Session (IOC/IPHAB-XI/3s), Taking into consideration the preoccupying impact of HAB on public health, food security, the development of tourism and a substantial proportion of economic activities in the world, Recognizing that regional, national, and institutional requirements for management of HAB impacts, along with the IOC High Level Objectives, that drive IOC HAB Programme research and capacity development activities, have proven highly valuable to Member States over almost two decades; that the IOC fulfils a unique role in coordinating and implementing international and regional cooperation on HAB research, management and capacity development; and that the need for this continued coordination and regional cooperation can be expected to remain at the same level or increase, Noting with satisfaction that IPHAB has continued to provide a strong and efficient mechanism to respond to new HAB-related problems experienced by Member States and to leverage resources from diverse sources to focus on priority needs, Takes note of the Executive Summary Report of IPHAB-XI and the recommendations contained therein (IOC/IPHAB-XI/3s); Notes that the IOC will help protect human health, economic interests and natural resources through its expanded focus on Ciguatera in cooperation with the WHO and FAO and by coordinating research needed by Member States through the Global HAB Programme; Notes further that the development of a Global HAB Status Report is complementary to the World Ocean Assessment to provide for the first time a picture of the global distribution of HABs, their threats and relationships to nutrient enrichment and other causes; Requests the IOC Executive Secretary to convene the 12th Session of the Panel prior to the 28th Session of the Assembly; Invites SCOR to co-sponsor the Scientific Steering Committee for Global HAB and encourages active joint participation in the development and implementation of the science agenda; Agrees that the regular budget for these activities will be considered as part of the overall IOC Programme and Budget resolution XXVII/DR.(6.1, 6.2); Expresses its appreciation to the Government of Denmark for hosting and supporting the IOC Science and Communication Centre on Harmful Algae, as well as to other donors and Member States who are providing financial and in-kind support for the HAB Programme; Urges funding agencies and institutions in IOC Member States to assist in the mobilization of funding that will ensure the implementation of the IPHAB Work Plan.     IOC-XXVII/3 prov. Pt.3 page  PAGE 2 IOC-XXVII/3 prov. Pt.3 page  PAGE 3 IOC-XXVII/3 prov. 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