ࡱ>   bjbj rr'\\\\\4h4^(>>>"08"L" 4444444$@8:V349\X"!!^X"X"34\\>>ll4&&&X"b\>\> 4&X" 4&&1h92>+$1340424H<~%TH< 92H<\92X"X"&X"X"X"X"X"3434&X"X"X"4X"X"X"X"H<X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"X"$ ": IOC Circular Letter No.  FORMTEXT 2542 IOC/PP/pp (Available in English, French, Spanish and Russian) 25 September 2014 To : IOC National Official Coordinating Bodies for liaison with IOC IODE National Coordinators for Oceanographic Data Management IODE National Coordinators for Marine Information Management Directors of IODE NODCs Focal points of IODE Associate Data Units Directors of World Data Centres Oceanography cc. : Co-Chairs of the IOC Committee on IODE Chairs of IODE Groups of Experts Chairs of IOC Regional Sub-Commissions Co-presidents of JCOMM Chair of the GOOS Steering Committee Permanent Delegations/Observer Missions to UNESCO of IOC Member States National Commissions of IOC Member States Officers of IOC and of Major Subsidiary Bodies Subject : TWENTY-THIRD SESSION OF THE IOC COMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL OCEANOGRAPHIC DATA AND INFORMATION EXCHANGE (IODE-XXIII), BRUGES, BELGIUM, 1720 MARCH 2015 AND SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE, 16 MARCH 2015 I have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 23rd Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE), from 17 to 20 March 2015 in Bruges, Belgium. The IODE session will be preceded on 16 March 2015 by a one-day Celebration and Scientific Conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the IOC Project Office for IODE in Ostend (Belgium). You are kindly requested to inform us at your earliest convenience on your countrys participation in the above events and forward the names of your delegation. As data and information are now closely related in the IODE programme and its products and services, it would be appreciated if delegations would be composed of both experts in data management and experts in marine information management. We will be grateful if you can inform us of the names, contact addresses and e-mail addresses of your representatives so we can easily contact them and add their details to the IODE-XXIII web page at  HYPERLINK "http://www.iode.org/iode23" http://www.iode.org/iode23. If they have not done so already the members of your delegation should also register in the OceanExpert database ( HYPERLINK "http://www.oceanexpert.net" http://www.oceanexpert.net). During the past five years IODE has seen its mandate extended: in 2010 the biological data management area was greatly enhanced through the adoption of the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS); more recently IODE has adopted the International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) bringing in considerable expertise in geospatial data representation. At the same work has continued on the IODE OceanDataPortal, OceanDocs and other products and services as key elements of the  HYPERLINK "http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0022/002230/223030m.pdf" IODE Strategic Plan (20132016). Also in the area of training considerable progress has been made and OceanTeacher will now establish regional training centres in various regions to increase student numbers, promote south-south cooperation and expertise sharing, enable training in various languages and focus more on local issues. Nevertheless IODE is now far from being the only programme dealing with oceanographic data and information management: many new international initiatives show increasing interest in data and information management and exchange. Some are complementary to IODE while others overlap or even compete with the IOC programme. While this trend is gratifying for IODE, the oldest programme in this field, it also invites a thorough debate on the scope of the IODE programme while resources remain limited: should IODE remain involved in a very wide range of activities, or should the programme be re-focussed on fewer activities where it can be strong? Along this line discussions will concentrate more on the Future of IODE and less on reporting matters as is reflected in the draft agenda and timetable attached hereafter. The Scientific Conference that is proceeding the IODE intergovernmental session on 16 March focuses on how data and information services are currently being used to address key environmental challenges. More information will be available when the call for abstracts will be sent out. Practical information on accommodation, venue, social events and accompanying-person programme will be made available through the session web site. Participation of national delegations to IODE sessions is self-funded and is part of the national contribution to the IODE programme. The IOC is exploring possibilities of sponsorship to the benefit of participants from developing countries. Information on this option will be circulated later. In order to enable us to make all necessary practical arrangements with the local host, we will appreciate your reply at your earliest convenience. Responses should be sent to MrPeter Pissierssens, Head of the IOC Project Office for IODE (e-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:p.pissierssens@unesco.org" p.pissierssens@unesco.org or fax: +32-59-79 52 20). Looking forward to a successful session I remain, Yours sincerely, [signed] Wendy Watson-Wright Executive Secretary Enclosures: IODE-XXIII Provisional Agenda Provisional programme of the Celebration and Scientific Conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the IOC Project Office for IODE in Ostend (Belgium), at the Provincial Court, Bruges, Belgium, 16 March 2015 IODE-XXIII Provisional Timetable Limited Distribution IOC/IODE-XXIII/1 Prov. Ostend, 25 September 2014 Original: English INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION (of UNESCO) Twenty-third Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XXIII) Bruges, Belgium, 1720 March 2015 PROVISIONAL AGENDA OPENING ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTS ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA SESSION TIME TABLE AND DOCUMENTATION ESTABLISHMENT OF SESSIONAL WORKING GROUPS LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS REPORT ON THE PAST INTER-SESSIONAL PERIOD (20132014) INTRODUCTION TO WORK PLAN AND BUDGET (EXPECTED FINANCIAL RESOURCES 20152017) THE FUTURE OF IODE: INTRODUCTION DATA AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION IODE GROUPS OF EXPERTS REVIEW OF CURRENT, AND PROPOSALS FOR NEW ACTIVITIES DRAFT WORK PLAN FOR IODE DATA AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT NEEDS IDENTIFIED BY THE IODE COMMUNITY IOC STRATEGIC PLAN FOR CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT (DRAFT) DRAFT WORK PLAN FOR IODE CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT THE FUTURE OF IODE (INCLUDING STRATEGIC PLAN) RESOURCE MOBILIZATION STRATEGY COMMUNICATION STRATEGY ANY OTHER BUSINESS WORK PLAN AND BUDGET FOR 2015 (CURRENT UNESCO BIENNIUM 20142015) AND 20162017 (NEXT UNESCO BIENNIUM) DATE AND PLACE OF NEXT SESSION ELECTION OF CO-CHAIRS ADOPTION OF SUMMARY REPORT CLOSURE Ostend, 24 September 2014 English only INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION (of UNESCO) Celebration Session and Scientific Conference on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Opening of the IOC Project Office for IODE in Ostend (Belgium) Provincial Court, Bruges, Belgium, 16 March 2015 PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME AND TIMETABLE 09h00-09h30 Registration 10h00-11h30: Celebration Session Addresses by invited speakers and dignitaries 11h30-12h30 Reception and visit of exhibition The exhibition will include posters, video displays and hands-on demonstrations of the wide range of IODE activities and services. Hosts for each poster/demo will provide information to visitors. 12h30-14h00 Lunch 14h00-18h00 Scientific Conference (coffee 16h00) Keynote Speaker Oral presentations Flash Presentations The Conference will illustrate the important role of ocean data and information management in monitoring the marine environment, sustainable management of the coastal zone and adaptation to climate change. Limited Distribution IOC/IODE-XXIII/1 Add. Prov. Ostend, 25 September 2014 English only INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION (of UNESCO) Twenty-third Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XXIII), Bruges, Belgium, 1720 March 2015 PROVISIONAL TIMETABLE Monday 16 March Tuesday 17 March Wednesday 18 March Thursday 19 March Friday 20 March 09:00- 10:30 Celebration Session and Scientific Conference (10h00-18h00) Programme and Timetable: see separate document 1. Opening Opening addresses by Co-Chairs (state of the Union) 2. Admin arrangements 2.1 Adoption of the agenda 2.2 Timetable and documentation 2.3 Establishment of sessional working groups 2.4 Local arrangements 6. Data and Information Management 6.1 Introduction 6.2 IODE Groups of Experts (future of) 7.4 Draft work plan capacity development 8. The Future of IODE (including strategic plan) medium-term and long-term objectives and how activities will contribute 12. Date and place of the next Session 13. Election of the Co-Chairs 14. Adoption of Summary Report Decisions and Recommendations Body of the report 10:30 11:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee coffee 11:00 12:30 3. Report on the past inter-sessional period (2013-2014) (presentations and discussions) 4. Introduction to work plan and budget (expected financial resources 2015-2017) 6.3 Review of current, and proposals for new activities 6.4 Draft work plan data and information management 8. continued 14. (continued) 15. Closure 12:30 14:30 Lunch + Sessional Working Groups lunch+ Sessional Working Groups lunch+ Sessional Working Groups 14:30 16:00 5. The Future of IODE: introduction Internal evaluation, survey results, strategic plan, discussion, strategic directions medium-long term 7. Capacity Development 7.1 Introduction 7.2 Capacity development needs identified by IODE community 9. Resource mobilization strategy 10. Communication strategy 16:00 16:30 Coffee Coffee coffee 16:30 18:00 5. (continued) 7.3 IOC strategic plan for capacity development (introduction of draft document) 11. Work Plan and Budget presentation on consolidated work plan and budget 2015-2017 18:00 Conference Dinner      -  PAGE 4 - INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION COMMISSION OCANOGRAPHIQUE INTERGOUVERNEMENTALE COMISIN OCEANOGRFICA INTERGUBERNAMENTAL  ",!"/  $'!/ !!/ 'DD,F) 'D/HDJ) 'D-CHEJ) D9DHE 'DE-J7'* ?e^wm mf[YXTOUNESCO  7 Place de Fontenoy - 75352 Paris Cedex 07 SP, France http://ioc.unesco.org - fax: +33 (0)1 45 68 58 12 - contact phone: +33 (0)1 45 68 39 83/84 E-mail: w.watson-wright@unesco.org ChairpersonVice-ChairpersonsDrSang-Kyung BYUN Principal Research Scientist Climate Change & Coastal Disaster Research Dept. Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) 787 Haeanlo Ansan 426-744 REPUBLIC OF KOREA Executive Secretary DrWendy WATSON-WRIGHT Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO 7 Place de Fontenoy 75352 Paris Cedex 07 SP FRANCEProf. Peter M. HAUGAN Director, Geophysical Institute University of Bergen Allegaten 70 5007 Bergen NORWAY DrAtanas PALAZOV Director, Institute of Oceanology Varna Bulgarian Academy of Sciences P.O. Box 152 Varna 9000 BULGARIA Capt. Frederico Antonio SARAIVA NOGUEIRA Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation Rue Baro de Jaceguai, s/n Ponta da Armao Niteri, Rio de Janeiro CEP 24.048.900 BRAZIL Prof. Yutaka MICHIDA University of Tokyo Member of National Committee for IOC Kashinoha 5-1-5 Kashiwa 277-8564 Chiba JAPAN#$%)*/45Cghik̶ۤەtbtP<&hP}1CJPJ^JaJmH nHsH tH"hPJ^JaJmH nHsH tH"hsE$PJ^JaJmH nHsH tH(h.%h "PJ^JaJmH nHsH tHhsE$^JaJmH sH h.%h "^JaJmH sH #h5\^JaJmHnHsH u+jh5U\^JaJmH sH h5\^JaJmH sH %jh5U\^JaJmH sH "h.%h "5\^JaJmH sH 5{| # < c  $ n[^`[a$gdJK$ 7Sa$gdnr 7S^gdnr 7S^`gdnr $S^S`a$$S^S`a$gd  9r gdJK 7gdJK kz{|ïvavavavaavavaLvavaava(hhU@CJPJ^JaJmH sH (hhU@CJPJ^JaJmH sH $hhUCJPJ^JaJmH sH (hhU@CJPJ^JaJmH sH  hnrh "CJ^JaJmH sH &hnrh "5CJ\^JaJmH sH hDO5\^JaJmH sH ,hsE$h "CJPJ^JaJmH nHsH tH,hsE$hsE$CJPJ^JaJmH nHsH tHG L R ȳ~jY@0hh@CJPJ^JaJmH nH sH tH  hnrh "CJ^JaJmH sH &hnrh "5CJ\^JaJmH sH $hh "CJPJ^JaJmH sH  hnrhCJ^JaJmH sH  hnrhUCJ^JaJmH sH (hhU@CJPJ^JaJmH sH hCJPJ^JaJmH sH (hhU@CJPJ^JaJmH sH $hhUCJPJ^JaJmH sH    " $ % & 3 6 < = > C εΜεΜεnYnG"h@CJPJ^JaJmH sH (hh-B@CJPJ^JaJmH sH (hh@CJPJ^JaJmH sH 0hhnr@CJPJ^JaJmH nH sH tH 0hh@CJPJ^JaJmH nH sH tH 0hhsN@CJPJ^JaJmH nH sH tH 0hh@CJPJ^JaJmH nH sH tH 0hh-B@CJPJ^JaJmH nH sH tH      v { } ͻͬ|mamRC4hJKhX,^JaJmH sH hJKhm_^JaJmH sH hVsfhDO^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH hF84hDO^JaJmH sH h.%h "^JaJmH sH "h.%h "5\^JaJmH sH hVsf5\^JaJmH sH hDO5\^JaJmH sH "h.%h "5\^JaJmH sH h-B5\^JaJmH sH hnr5\^JaJmH sH (hh@CJPJ^JaJmH sH  y I}.V/0>\F$ & F71x^7`1a$gd]  & Fxgd]xgd] $^a$gdR^gd]gdcgdFgdDO$ n^`a$gdJK " $ b c v ĵ|m^O?O0|hWhm_^JaJmH sH hJKhH*^JaJmH sH hJKh^JaJmH sH hWhxS^JaJmH sH hVsfh^JaJmH sH h"n^JaJmH sH hE h"n^JaJmH sH hWh^JaJmH sH hWhX,^JaJmH sH hWhDO^JaJmH sH hVsfhX,^JaJmH sH hVsfhDO^JaJmH sH hJKhX,^JaJmH sH hJKhDO^JaJmH sH v x y   ӻӯӯӅӅyӅdS>)jh~hDQ@U^JaJmH sH  h~hDQ@^JaJmH sH )jhVsfhDQ@U^JaJmH sH h) ^JaJmH sH hDO^JaJmH sH h~hDO^JaJmH sH hVsfhDQ^JaJmH sH hDQ^JaJmH sH h"n^JaJmH sH h t^JaJmH sH hF84hDO^JaJmH sH hVsfhDO^JaJmH sH hVsfhnr^JaJmH sH  ȳyk\PD8D8DhxS^JaJmH sH hp[G^JaJmH sH h(q^JaJmH sH h.%hDO^JaJmH sH hDQ@^JaJmH sH 'h~hU0J>*@^JaJmH sH )jh~hU@U^JaJmH sH  h~hU@^JaJmH sH )jhVsfhU@U^JaJmH sH hU@^JaJmH sH )jh~hDQ@U^JaJmH sH 'h~hDQ0J>*@^JaJmH sH <nAEHIo{ܵ{eR%jh]hxSU^JaJmH sH +j~h]hxSU^JaJmH sH h]hxS^JaJmH sH %jhVsfhxSU^JaJmH sH hu^JaJmH sH h>a%^JaJmH sH h[IG^JaJmH sH hxShxS^JaJmH sH hxS^JaJmH sH h~:^JaJmH sH hp[G^JaJmH sH hgh^JaJmH sH PYGHIV+-pȼth\PP\h+O^JaJmH sH hq^JaJmH sH h[^JaJmH sH hgh^JaJmH sH h B,^JaJmH sH hp[G^JaJmH sH hK^JaJmH sH h>a%^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH h[IG^JaJmH sH %jhWhxSU^JaJmH sH #h]hgh0J>*^JaJmH sH #h]hxS0J>*^JaJmH sH +9BZ[yz.5;MS^qz|ܸܸܸܠܔ܈|܈܈܈pdXdh$g|^JaJmH sH h96@^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH h"n^JaJmH sH h.^JaJmH sH hRu^JaJmH sH hW^JaJmH sH h+O^JaJmH sH hq^JaJmH sH hv`^JaJmH sH h[^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH h>a%^JaJmH sH h B^JaJmH sH "HIYs#,.egt{ TUV NO}~ĵܩܵtb#jyh]hcUmH sH h]hcmH sH jhVsfhcUmH sH hf!^JaJmH sH hF84hc^JaJmH sH hEh^JaJmH sH hF84hF^JaJmH sH h"n^JaJmH sH hRu^JaJmH sH hF^JaJmH sH h96@^JaJmH sH h^JaJmH sH  ~./09:<=Ǹxi]P@P@hF84hc>*^JaJmH sH hf!>*^JaJmH sH hQGx^JaJmH sH h.%hQGx^JaJmH sH hRhR^JaJmH sH hR^JaJmH sH hR6^JaJmH sH hf!^JaJmH sH hc^JaJmH sH hF84hc^JaJmH sH ,jh]hc0J>*U^JaJmH sH #h]hc0J>*^JaJmH sH jh]hcUmH sH =>GHU[\EFfghٟrbSChVsfhVsf5^JaJmH sH h]hVsf^JaJmH sH hWhVsf5^JaJmH sH hVsfhVsf^JaJmH sH h]hy^JaJmH sH h]hy^JaJmH sH hWhy^JaJmH sH hyhyH*^JaJmH sH hyhy^JaJmH sH hVsf^JaJmH sH hn^JaJmH sH hF84hc^JaJmH sH hy^JaJmH sH Fg & F 7G$gdVsf & F 7e0G$^`0gdVsfgdVsf$a$gdVsf ^`gdVsfy^ygdn ygdn$ & F71x^7`1a$gd]HIklEGvw}~ 5 d!!̾tthXhXhVsfhVsf\^JaJmH sH hhVsf\^JaJ h$g|hVsfCJ^JaJmH sH hVsf5\^JaJmH sH "hVsfhVsf5\^JaJmH sH hhVsf^JaJhnhVsfCJ^JaJhhVsf5\^JaJhVsfhVsf^JaJh]hVsf^JaJhVsfhVsf5^JaJmH sH hVsf5^JaJmH sH "2EG}~  5 i !5!d!e! 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