ࡱ> ` vbjbj 8,6    V V V $z bcbcbcPcFdz {,d(&e4ZeZeZexixixiz{{{{{{$~h7${9V 0ph@i^0p0p${  ZeZe]{uuu0p 8ZeV Zezu0pzuu:w,> V :xZed ,-.bcrx Bys{0{ x.StrS:xSV :xxiku"lm*xixixi${${ujxixixi{0p0p0p0pz z z +9D*z z z 9z z z        IOC Circular Letter No. 2245 IOC/PB/Am (Available in English and French) Paris, 21 November 2007 To: Member States (main national co-ordinating body for liaison with the IOC) Cc: Chairman and Vice-chairmen of the IOC Major Subsidiary Bodies of IOC Subject: Eighth Session of the IOC Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea (IOC/ABE-LOS VIII) I have the honour to invite you to attend the Eighth session of the IOC Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea (IOC/ABE-LOS VIII), which will be held from: 21-25 April 2008 Opening on Monday 21 April 2008 at 10.00 at room IV UNESCO Headquarters 7, Place Fontenoy 75007-Paris It would be greatly appreciated if you can confirm your attendance, using the attached form to be forwarded to the IOC Secretariat (Attention: Aurora Mateos) by 31st March 2008, in order to facilitate the smooth organization of the meeting. Registration for the session will take place at the Registration Desk outside the Conference Room on Monday 21 April 2008 from 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 am. .../... Please be informed that the working languages of the session are English and French In accordance with Resolution XIX-19, it is recommended that Delegations be composed of two national experts from two special areas of competence: one expert with training in Law of the Sea and another expert with training in Marine Sciences. In addition, in accordance with Rule of procedure No. 26, it is requested that Member States make nominations of Delegates through the official designated national coordinating body specified for liaison with the Commission. The discussions of the Eighth session of IOC/ABE-LOS will be mainly but not exclusively focused on the legal framework for the collection of oceanographic data within the context of UNCLOS. The meeting will focus on the findings and recommendations of the XXIV session of the IOC Assembly and the Seventh Session of IOC/ABE-LOS, whose report is available at the IOC/ABE-LOS web-site:  HYPERLINK "http://ioc3.unesco.org/abelos/index" http://ioc3.unesco.org/abelos/index. Please note that the documentation and further information will be made available on-line at the mentioned web-site. Being necessary to ensure the participation of the largest possible number of developing countries, the IOC may offer travel support for a small number of Delegations (and not more than 1 expert per country) in the light of the funds available for this purpose. Please kindly remind that in these cases the per diem shall remain at the expenses of the participating country. Requests for assistance should be sent together with the application form to the IOC Secretariat to examine them with respect to the budget, which is trying to be increased by requesting extra-budgetary contributions. Yours truly, Patricio Bernal  INCLUDEPICTURE "cid:image001.gif@01C6477A.F1FC64F0" \* MERGEFORMATINET  Assistant Director-General, UNESCO Executive Secretary, IOC Enclosures: Provisional Agenda Registration form IOC Resolution XXIV-12 Agenda item: 1-5 Paris, 21 November 2007 Original: English INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION (of UNESCO) EIGTH MEETING OF THE ADVISORY BODY OF EXPERTS ON THE LAW OF THE SEA (IOC/ABE-LOS VIII) Paris, France, 21-25 April 2008 PROVISIONAL AGENDA OPENING ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTS DESIGNATION OF THE RAPPORTEUR ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA DOCUMENTATION CONDUCT OF THE SESSION 3. REPORTS ON INTERSESSIONAL ACTIVITIES 3.1 CHAIRMANS REPORT 3.2 PROGRESS REPORT BY THE COORDINATOR OF THE IOC/ABE-LOS SUBGROUP ON THE IOC LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE COLLECTION OF OCEANOGRAPHIC DATA WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF UNCLOS 3.3 PROGRESS REPORT BY THE COORDINATOR OF THE IOC/ABE-LOS SUB-GROUP ON THE PRACTICE OF MEMBER STATES IN THE APPLICATION OF PARTS XIII AND XIV OF UNCLOS. 3.4 ROSTER OF EXPERTS 3.5 OTHER BUSINESS  INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION COMMISSION OCEANOGRAPHIQUE INTERGOUVERNEMENTALE COMISION OCEANOGRAFICA INTERGUBERNAMENTAL UNESCO - 1, rue Miollis - 75732 Paris Cedex 15, Cbl: UNESCO Paris, Tlx: 204461 Paris, Fax: <33> 1 45 68 58 10, Tel: <33> 1 45 68 39 84 ____________________________________________________________________________ Eighth Session of the IOC Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea Huitime session de lOrgane consultatif dexperts sur le droit de la mer (IOC/ ABE-LOS VIII) Paris, France (21-25 April 2008) PRELIMINARY FORM FOR LIST OF PARTICIPANTS FORMULAIRE PRELIMINAIRE EN VUE D'ETABLIR LA LISTE DES PARTICIPANTS Persons expecting to participate in the Seventh Session of the IOC Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea are kindly requested to complete the form below and to return it to the IOC Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, UNESCO, 1, rue Miollis, 75732 Paris cedex 15, by mail or fax, by 31st March 2008. The information contained herein should be as complete as possible and will be reproduced in the provisional List of Participants to be prepared before the meeting. Nevertheless, it is the registration form, as filled in by the participants before the opening of the Session that will be considered as the best available information for use in the preparation of the final List of Participants to be annexed to the Summary Report of the Session. Les personnes qui participeront la septime session du Groupe Consultatif dexperts en droit de la mer sont pries de remplir le formulaire ci-dessous et de le renvoyer au Secrtaire Excutif, Commission ocanographique intergouvernementale, UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis, 75732 Paris cedex 15, par courrier ou par fax, avant le 31 mars 2008. Les renseignements donns devront tre aussi complets que possible, car ils serviront l'tablissement de la liste provisoire des participants avant la runion. Nanmoins, c'est la fiche d'inscription, telle que remplie par le participant avant l'ouverture de la session, qui sera considre comme meilleure source de renseignement pour la prparation de la liste finale des participants annexe au rapport succinct de la session. COUNTRY OR ORGANIZATION PAYS OU ORGANISATION  NAME/NOM_____________________________________________________________________________________________ TITLE/TITRE ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Official address Adresse officielle __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ phone/tlphone fax e-mail Head of Delegation Chef de Dlgation Alternate Supplant Representative Reprsentant Adviser Conseiller Working language* Langue de travail : English Anglais French Franais Spanish Espagnol Russian Russe *Tick one language only/Indiquer une seule langue Resolution XXIV-12 SEVENTH MEETING OF THE IOC ADVISORY BODY OF EXPERTS ON THE LAW OF THE SEA (IOC/ABE-LOS VII) The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Acknowledging the value of the role of the IOC Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea (IOC/ABE-LOS) and the progress made by IOC/ABE-LOS at its 7th Meeting (Libreville, Gabon, 1923 March 2007), Recalling the United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/61/222, paragraphs 14 and 110, which acknowledges the work done by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO through its Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea, Recalling further IOC Resolutions XXII-12, XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, EC-XXXVII.8 and ECXXXIX. 7, which specified the mandate of IOC/ABE-LOS with respect to its work on: (i) the practice of Member States with respect to Parts XIII and XIV of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (ii) the dissemination and implementation of the Criteria and Guidelines on the Transfer of Marine Technology (iii) the procedure for the application of Article 247 of UNCLOS by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (iv) the IOC legal framework that is applicable to the collection of oceanographic data within the context of UNCLOS, Endorses the IOC/ABE-LOS VII Report and welcomes the Recommendations in the Annex of this Resolution; Decides: (i) that IOC/ABE-LOS pursue its work on the IOC legal framework for the collection of oceanographic data within the context of UNCLOS in close cooperation with IGOOS and the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs/Division for Oceans Affairs and Law of the Sea (UN/OLA/DOALOS); and request it to come up with consensual text as soon as practicable; (ii) that IOC/ABE-LOS should contribute, as required, to the updating of the document Marine Scientific Research: A Guide for the Implementation of Relevant Provisions of UNCLOS, in close cooperation with the UN/OLA/DOALOS; Urges Member States to provide financial support for the organization of the 8th Meeting of the IOC Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea, to supplement regular funds. Annex to Resolution XXIV-12 Recommendations The Advisory Body of Experts on the Law of the Sea at its 7th meeting (IOC/ABE-LOS VII) recommended that: 1. The IOC Assembly be informed that the progress made in the preparation of the Draft Guidelines, within the context of UNCLOS, for the collection of oceanographic data by specific means reflects the relevance of the IOC programmes in strengthening the international cooperation devoted to promoting a global understanding of the ocean and to contributing to short-term warnings, weather forecasts and climate prediction. 2. The IOC Members States fully participate in the IOC/ABE-LOS sessions, through the participation of their experts in law of the sea and in marine scientific research, as prescribed in IOC Resolution XIX-19, including in the intersessional activities, to stimulate its work and facilitate the accomplishment of the ongoing work on the draft Guidelines, preferably at its Eighth Session (2008). 3. The IOC Executive Secretary disseminates the Procedure for the application of Article 247 of UNCLOS by the IOC and assists Member States in the implementation of that Procedure. 4. The IOC Member States acknowledge the Orientation Guide and participate actively in the implementation of the Roster of Experts for advice or guidance on the development of legislation and practice regarding marine scientific research and transfer of marine technology and contribute to the multi-donor funds established for this purpose. 5. The Assembly, at its 24th Session, highlight the value of the role of IOC/ABE-LOS as a contributor to the work of IOC in the implementation of UNCLOS and other relevant UN Conventions and Agreements and to the promotion of international cooperation, in conformity with international law, as regard to scientific activities related to the ocean. 6. The Assembly, at its 24th Session, request the IOC Executive Secretary to consult UN/OLA/DOALOS on the possibility that IOC/ABE-LOS contribute to the updating of the document Marine Scientific Research: A Guide for the Implementation of Relevant Provisions of UNCLOS, published in 1991.     -  PAGE 3 - PAGE  PAGE 3 INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION COMMISSION OCANOGRAPHIQUE INTERGOUVERNEMENTALE COMISIN OCEANOGRFICA INTERGUBERNAMENTAL  ",!"/  $'!/ !!/ 'DD,F) 'D/HDJ) 'D-CHEJ) D9DHE 'DE-J7'* ?e^wm mf[YXTOUNESCO - 1, rue Miollis - 75732 Paris Cedex 15 cable address: UNESCO Paris - telex: 204461 Paris - fax: (33) (0)1 45 68 58 12 - contact phone: (33) (0) 1 45 68 39 83/84 E-mail: p.bernal@unesco.org ChairpersonVice-ChairpersonsJavier A. VALLADARES Capitn de navo Licenciado en Oceanografia Fisica Asesor Cientifico en Ciencias del Mar Direccion de Relations Internacionales Secretaria de Ciencias, Tecnologa e Innovation Productiva Av. Crdoba 831 4to. Piso (C1054AAH) Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Executive Secretary DrPatricio A. BERNAL Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO 1, rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15 FRANCEDrNeville SMITH Chief of Division Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre G.P.O. Box 1289 Melbourne, VIC. 3001 700, Collins St., Docklands AUSTRALIA DrSavithri NARAYANAN Dominion Hydrographer/Director-General Ocean Sciences-Canadian Hydrographic Service Fisheries & Oceans 615, Booth St., Suite 311 Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OE6 CANADAJulian A. REYNA MORENO Capitn de navo Secretario Ejecutivo Comissin Colombiana del Oceano Transversal 41, No. 27-50 Piso 4 - CAN Bogota, DC COLOMBIA Prof. Cherif SAMMARI Chef, Laboratoire du milieu marin !&'5GP[`acj  Ƕǟt]H7H7H hNh2CJOJQJmH sH )hNh2B*CJOJQJmH phsH ,hNhL<CJOJPJQJmH nHsH tH&hCJOJPJQJmH nHsH tH,hNh%CJOJPJQJmH nHsH tH,hNh "CJOJPJQJmH nHsH tH hNhL<CJOJQJmH sH  hNh "CJOJQJmH sH &hNhL<5CJOJQJ\mH sH &hNh "5CJOJQJ\mH sH 'abc    OOO8$ G/_ ?  _?!#%_']^`a$gd20$ G/_ ?  _?!#%_']a$gd24$ G/_ ?  _?!#%_']^a$gd2 9r  7 64su      j k   , : ; @ S T Ʊn_M_>/_Mhq>5CJOJQJmH sH h'I5CJOJQJmH sH #hNh25CJOJQJmH sH hv5CJOJQJmH sH  hNh2CJOJQJmH sH $hNh2CJOJQJaJmH sH hNh2CJOJQJaJhhNh2CJOJQJaJ)hNh2B*CJOJQJmH phsH )hNhNB*CJOJQJmH phsH #hNB*CJOJQJmH phsH #h2B*CJOJQJmH phsH   j k  T h z z {    $a$gdY$a$gdjgd2 $a$gd2$a$gd2gd28$ G/_ ?  _?!#%_']^`a$gd2T h y z  ) + - . 4 x y z ̻qbTC̻T hNh2CJOJQJmH sH hvFCJOJQJmH sH hvFCJH*OJQJmH sH hTCJH*OJQJmH sH hTCJOJQJmH sH hCCJOJQJmH sH  hNhYCJOJQJmH sH h'ICJOJQJmH sH  hNh2CJOJQJmH sH #hNh2>*CJOJQJmH sH hq>5CJOJQJmH sH #hNh25CJOJQJmH sH       t d e s 'EG02޼ͼͼlT</hS0\hS0\CJOJPJQJ]mH nH sH tH /hS0\hCJOJPJQJ]mH nH sH tH 2hNh6CJOJPJQJ]mH nH sH tH ,hNhCJOJPJQJmH nH sH tH hNCJOJQJmH sH  hNhCJOJQJmH sH  hNhCJOJQJmH sH  hNhYCJOJQJmH sH  hNh "CJOJQJmH sH  hNhjCJOJQJmH sH   q r FG#%st 7l$ 7la$gd '! 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MIKHAILOV Head, Oceanographic Data Centre Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology & Environmental Monitoring All-Russia Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information WDC 6, Korolev St., Obninsk Kaluga Region 249020 RUSSIAN FEDERATION ;;jk/\nopqrstuvįğ~zi hNhCJOJQJmH sH hEchBh "hRhRCJaJhRB*CJ^JaJphhRB*CJ\^JaJph)hj[LhRB*CJ^JaJmHphsH)hj[LhRB*CJ^JaJmH phsH #hRB*CJ^JaJmH phsH U$hj[LhRB*CJ\^JaJphopqrstuv| 7lvkd2]$$IfT \ 5!0*   0*64 aT9 0&P 1h:pR. A!n"n#$% 9 0 00&P 1h. A!n"n#$n% n860ᴅm8*PNG  IHDRWOvsRGB pHYs  8DIDATx^]񯽋ro^/.@?F6iBԤ^lXc"I5$5TBR",¥)\.zq<<9xc׿?9ݧp|G9(v ;\k瀣5pppksQu9v8 ]|G9(v ;\k瀣5pppksQu9v8 ]|G9(v ;\kc~Tow^L'o|~q_?ßd˖-;v/{?;&瀣"&vGGpmhp!(0 kϝ;wmsŋeK Ok \HĿG܎V{[޽;eC|b8sN$w 7@ؽ{78䀣@CBu_~x^lgfap@ ?pQ`zA_ti`ue7Ӳ Qr}9 p[^x}߿zGTڵk0.rRt=__?9Ʉj#ob(!opP[;@%\r̙ʏeѣ0}Y7"n>2?y˖-ā//ڵ}WɁ3gPnxה_Mլ]ꫯ_bٳg*z\,o۶-~}hgϞvZLh ~[fr\K/42@=x [ѣG=sd(.@n?l-wX GixOq)[c&VZDdSh_cdt;w;c 9[`Ynt%.`2KePr'K9[y&(۪F(S|5Y8;ɜ2>Lm@̚F3k2ːŷ65XW|]g. 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