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Family name FORMCHECKBOX  Dr /  FORMCHECKBOX  Mr /  FORMCHECKBOX  MsFirst nameGender FORMCHECKBOX  Male  FORMCHECKBOX  FemaleNationalityDate of birthEducation level FORMCHECKBOX  Bachelor  FORMCHECKBOX  Master  FORMCHECKBOX  PhD Graduated from: Major: Supervisor/Advisor: Job titleAffiliationYears of experience in current jobAddressTel. number(s)Fax number(s)Email(s)Contact person, in case of emergencyDietary Restriction FORMCHECKBOX  None  FORMCHECKBOX  No pork  FORMCHECKBOX  No beef  FORMCHECKBOX  Bachelor  FORMCHECKBOX  Other, please specify Major and/or Research AreaPrevious Training Courses/Workshops FORMCHECKBOX  No  FORMCHECKBOX  Yes, please specify the workshop titles: (a) (b) Brief statement of research activities that is linked to this training course, and related publication if any (This part is crucial for qualifying, so separate pages could be annexed to this form) Please provide with name and E-mail address of two referees whom can be contacted to support your applicationReferee #1NameJob titleAffiliationEmailTelReferee #2NameJob titleAffiliationEmailTel Financial assistance  FORMCHECKBOX  I could cover my expense.  FORMCHECKBOX  I would apply for the financial assistance.  FORMCHECKBOX  Fully (including round trip airfare, accommodation);  FORMCHECKBOX  On airfare in the amount of US$_____  FORMCHECKBOX  On accommodation.  Date: . ... (Signature of Head/Director of the Institution) Please return the completed form with your CV (with a 2-inch photo), by fax or e-mail to the following address before 10 April 2017: Dr Xunqiang Yin UNESCO/IOC Regional Training and Research Center on Ocean Dynamics and Climate First Institute of Oceanography, China Tel/Fax: +86-532-88967415; E-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:odc_center@fio.org.cn" odc_center@fio.org.cn With a copy to: Ms Nachapa Saransuth, IOC Regional Office for WESTPAC Fax: +66 2 143 9245; E-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:n.saransuth@unesco.org" n.saransuth@unesco.org     IOC Circular Letter No. 2664 Annex II, p  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2 IOC Circular Letter No. 2664     '(2356=>FGLMP̲̚qZFZFZFZFZFZF&hBY556CJOJQJ\]^JaJ,h3,hBY556CJOJQJ\]^JaJ,hzh256CJOJQJ\]^JaJ#h>@h2CJOJQJ^JaJh/huh2CJOJPJQJ^JaJhnHtH2h25;CJOJPJQJ\^JaJhnHtH8huh25;CJOJPJQJ\^JaJhnHtH,huh25;CJOJQJ\^JaJh    Tc d p q <<$Ifgd2((gd2 % ((gd2)$a$gd2)gd2*$ =7`0p@ P !$^'.*,*$G$a$gd2$a$gd2PRS~ֿykZH6#hHh25CJOJQJ^JaJ#huh25CJOJQJ^JaJ huh2CJOJQJ^JaJh2CJOJQJ^JaJ/hf!hBY556CJOJQJ\]^JaJo(,hf!hBY556CJOJQJ\]^JaJ,h$h256CJOJQJ\]^JaJ,hzh256CJOJQJ\]^JaJ&hBY556CJOJQJ\]^JaJ)hBY556CJOJQJ\]^JaJo( d p q r ıxcQxx@h25CJOJPJQJ^JaJnHtH       " # $ 4 5 C òòpòò[òò)jh2CJOJQJU^JaJ)jdh2CJOJQJU^JaJ$huh2CJOJPJQJ^JaJ h_h2$h_h2CJOJPJQJ^JaJ h_h2CJOJQJ^JaJ)jh_h2CJOJQJU^JaJ#jh2CJOJQJU^JaJ)jh2CJOJQJU^JaJ!q dWW <<$Ifgd2kd\$$IflF)&< t0~&6    44 la$<<$Ifa$gd2  zz <<$Ifgd2xkd$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 la    zz <<$Ifgd2xkdL$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 la  " # zz <<$Ifgd2xkd$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 la# $ 4 zzzzz <<$Ifgd2xkdF$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 laC D E F S T b c d e p q  òòòòòun[un[unK[un[h2CJOJPJQJ^JaJ$huh2CJOJPJQJ^JaJ h_h2$h_h2CJOJPJQJ^JaJ)jh2CJOJQJU^JaJ)j7h2CJOJQJU^JaJ h_h2CJOJQJ^JaJ)jh_h2CJOJQJU^JaJ#jh2CJOJQJU^JaJ)jh2CJOJQJU^JaJ zz <<$Ifgd2xkd$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 la zm 8$Ifgd2 <<$Ifgd2xkd$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 la zm 8$Ifgd2 <<$Ifgd2xkd$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 la zz <<$Ifgd2xkd$$Ifl0)& t0~&644 la     ! 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