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He presented the Report, Workplan, Resolutions and Recommendations of the 8th Session of the IOC Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms (Paris, 1720 April 2007). The principal outcomes of IPHAB-VIII were: the formulation of a strategy for IPHAB; HAB observations within GOOS; a new integrated data system for HAB, jointly with IODE; and the regional development of the HAB Programme. The Chairman of IPHAB sought the assistance of the Assembly in: (i) promoting the participation in IPHAB of the Member States not already members of it; (ii) the recognition of IPHAB in the appropriate national agencies and institutions; and (iii) the formal involvement of FAO and WHO in IPHAB. He also urged the IOC Member States to carefully match national priorities and potential funding with the HAB Programme Work Plan, in order to interact strongly with and support the Programme's implementation The United Kingdom suggested that interaction between the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) and IOC in this area would be useful, particularly as a means of evaluating technical issues. This should also include interaction with CIESM and PICES. The Assembly strongly endorsed the IPHAB Resolutions, Recommendations and the Workplan. It recognized that the activities under IPHAB are highly relevant to national scientific, societal and economic priorities and approved of the active co-ordination of IPHAB, including GEOHAB, with IODE and GOOS. The Assembly noted that the proposed IPHAB Workplan is in line with the recommendations of the Advisory Group for the IOC Ocean Sciences Section (IOC/INF-1235) and encouraged IPHAB to further integrate with other IOC activities concerning climate change and the role of human inputs of nutrients to the marine environment. The Assembly expressed its appreciation of the regional HAB groups and networks established within, or in addition to, the IOC Regional Subsidiary Bodies. Member States from the Gulf and the western Indian Ocean regions requested the IOC's cooperation and support in the establishment of such networks in their respective regions. Italy requested IOC assistance in the facilitation of regional cooperation on recent problems with benthic dinoflagellates in the Mediterranean Sea responsible for a skin and respiratory syndrome in human beings in the coastal areas. With respect to the longstanding efforts of IOC to assist Member States in enhancing their capacity to undertake research on and management of harmful algal events, several Member States recognized the constructive role that IOC has played in enhancing national capacity to monitor and manage harmful algal events. The Assembly strongly supported the continued emphasis on capacity development tailored closely to meeting national and regional needs. Germany and Spain reconfirmed their commitment to support and work closely with the Secretariat in the enhancement of capacity. The Representative of SCOR noted the constructive cooperation with IOC in the development and implementation of GEOHAB, and noted with concern that the development of GEOHAB is impeded by financial constraints. SCOR also welcomed the mention, by several Member States, of GEOHAB as being important and relevant, and reminded the Assembly of the close coupling between research and the ability to deliver better operational observing and predictive systems for harmful algal events. The Representative of WMO reminded the Assembly that JCOMM, through its Expert Team on Marine Accident Emergency Support, remains fully committed to collaboration with IPHAB on the use of operational ocean forecasting systems for the prediction of harmful algal events. The Assembly reaffirmed its recognition and appreciation of the stable and longstanding financial support of Denmark, Japan, Spain and the United States of America. It recognized the close relationship between success and the provision of such extrabudgetary resources. Nevertheless, it also recognized the concern expressed as to the necessary long-term sustainability of the HAB Programme throughout and beyond the Medium-Term Strategy 2008(2013, and requested the Executive Secretary to advise IPHAB on the development of a strategy to overcome this challenge. The Assembly accepted the summary report of IPHAB-VIII, and adopted Resolution XXIV-6. Resolution XXIV-6 EIGHTH SESSION OF THE IOC INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON HARMFUL ALGAL BLOOMS (IPHAB) The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Having considered the Executive Summary Report of the 8th Session of the IOC Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms (IPHAB) and the Work Plan for 20082009 adopted at the Session (IOC/IPHAB-VIII/3), including the Recommendations and Resolutions therein, Recognizing the importance of capacity-building in the IPHAB programme, Noting the improved linkages between IODE and GOOS that will improve the availability and dissemination of data and the mitigation of harmful events, Decides to take action as follows: Encourages Member States, not already part of IPHAB, to ensure membership at an appropriate level and to facilitate awareness and recognition of IPHAB in relevant national agencies and institutions Instructs the IOC Executive Secretary to open a dialogue with FAO and WHO with a view to improving the cooperation with IPHAB and to establish their formal membership Endorses the proposed HAB Work Plan 20082009 within the limits of the relevant resources in the Regular Programme and of the extrabudgetary resources identified for this purpose; and Agrees to convene the 9th Session of the Panel prior to the 25th Session of the Assembly. Urges Member States to assist in the identification of funding to support the work of the Secretariat and the implementation of the Work Plan for 20082009.     IOC-XX/? page ( PAGE 58)  IOC-XXIII/3 page ( PAGE 58) + , H I J    xcH1 hQhQCJ OJQJ^JaJ ,hQ5@CJ8OJQJ\^JaJ8mH sH 4jhQ6CJOJQJU]^JaJ$hmH sH (hQ6CJ$OJQJ]^JaJ$mH sH +hQ5;CJ$OJQJ\^JaJ$mH sH +h+5;CJ$OJQJ\^JaJ$mH sH h+h+mH sH #h+5;OJQJ\^JmH sH )h+h+5;OJQJ\^JmH sH -h+h+B*CJOJQJaJmH phsH #h+B*OJQJaJmH phsH  2^klmnopqr& ' ( ) * + , $a$gd+gd+""", I J     % K z Y Sb gdQgdQ $X]Xa$gdQgdQgd+ $a$gd+  $ % 7 8 | } J K   ݶvbWOD8Dh;IhQH*mH sH h;IhQmH sH hQmH sH h$ hQmH sH &hQhQ5CJ$OJQJ\^JaJ$'hQB*CJOJQJaJmH ph333sH (hQhQ0JCJOJQJaJmH sH -hQhQB*CJOJQJaJmH ph333sH (jhQB*CJOJQJUaJph333"hQCJ OJQJ^JaJ mH sH (hQhQCJ OJQJ^JaJ mH sH hQCJ OJQJ^JaJ 'b9B3>&/FfjsABSa5C?W[f[n sة؞hQhQ>*^JhQ>*^JmH sH h;IhQ5\mH sH hPhQ5mH sH  j-hQhPhQh5emH sH h;IhQmH sH hPhQ5\mH sH hQhPhQmH sH 5bo  FO1?s01ahFj $a$gdQgdQ$a$gdQ $a$gdQ gdQ0arhtFNjt0 : !!!!!!!!""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""%jh.CJUhmHnHsH uh.0JmHnHu h.0Jjh.0JUh.hxwjhxwUhQhztmH sH hnhQH*mH sH hnhQmH sH hnhQ5mH sH 7j0 !!""""""""""""""""""""gd.$a$gdQ$ & F G$^a$gdQ"""""8P6P6&P 1h. 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