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The main time set aside for registration is: Wednesday 22 April 2009 (8.309.30 am) Please do not forget to bring with you a business card with a full postal address, since this is what will appear in the List of Participants and the final version of the Summary Report. Telephone, fax and e-mail address are also requested. On registering, participants will be issued with label badges which they are asked to wear throughout the session since they also serve as a laissez-passer into the building, delegates lounge, bar, etc. MEETING The Ninth Session of IPHAB will meet in Room XIII (Bonvin Building level 2) from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00. The Official working language for the session is English only. DOCUMENTATION Should participants wish to obtain a paper copy of any document, they should request it from Ms. Virginie Bonnet ( HYPERLINK "mailto:v.bonnet@unesco.org" v.bonnet@unesco.org), who will be in the meeting room or in Office 4.25 (Bonvin Building). New documents, as they become available, will be distributed directly to participants in the meeting room. Services Coffee/tea breaks: coffee and tea will be served daily free of charge at approximately 11.00am and 4.00pm next to the meeting room. Telex, telefax and electronic mail: UNESCO telex numbers are 204461 and 270602. IOC fax number is (+33 1) 45 68 58 12 or 45 68 58 10 WIFI Service in Room XIII is available: In order to use your wireless device (portable computer, PDA) and connect to free Internet access do the following: - Connect to the network (SSID): HQ-AIR-PUB - When requested provide the following: a. User ID: hq-air b. Password: uneswifi Mail: The mailing address is UNESCO/IOC, 1rue Miollis, 75732 Paris 15 SP, France. Please note that incoming mail, cable and telex messages should state clearly (NAME), PARTICIPANT IN IXth SESSION OF IPHAB, in order to ensure immediate delivery. Bank: The Socit Gnrale has a branch on ground floor of UNESCO Miollis Building (Close to the main entrance). Opening hours: Monday to Friday 09.30 - 11.30 and 13.00 to 16.15 Cash point: ground floor Cafeteria, Restaurant (Fontenoy building): Restaurant, 7th floor, reservation tel: 81600 (inside call) Bar basement floor (tel: 80307); breakfast from 08.30. Cafeteria, 7th floor (tel: 81605) Cafeteria (Miollis Building) Level -1     IOC/IPHAB-VII/Inf.24 page  PAGE 2 IOC-XXII/Inf.1 page  PAGE 3 IOC/IPHAB-IX/Inf.20 Paris, 05 March 2009 English only .9;<kot¸ssdUIhDOJQJmH sH hDoV5OJQJ\mH sH h785OJQJ\mH sH hDoVCJOJQJ\^Jh*CJOJQJ\^Jh78CJOJQJ\^Jh*5CJOJQJ\^Jh785CJOJQJ\^Jh78OJQJ^Jh78OJQJmH sH h78h785OJQJmH sH  h78OJQJhmHnHsH ujh78UhmHnHu.:;<k &$ ;`0p@ mP !$`'0*-da$# ;`0p@ mP !$`'0*-d# ;`0p@ mP !$`'0*-da9 W X Y   U V W     I R S U V [ _ ` f ܴܡ܉|okgkgkckgkhDoVh*h78h78OJQJhmH sH h786B*CJ]phh78B*CJphh780JOJQJmH sH %jh78OJQJUmH sH jh78OJQJUmH sH hnOJQJmH sH hDOJQJmH sH h78OJQJmH sH hDoVOJQJmH sH h*OJQJmH sH &   p q b c 3 5 6 7 ? @ {y&$ ;`0p@ mP !$`'0*-da$<,$ ;`0p@ mP !$`'0*-dG$`a$*$ ;`0p@ mP !$`'0*-d`a$f l p q ? M c 3 7 ? 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