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HABP DEVELOPMENTS IN THE INTERSESSIONAL PERIOD: Chair IPHAB and Technical Secretarys summary report on activities and implementation of IPHAB-VIII decisions Major Issues Requiring Intergovernmental Cooperation (INCLUDING INTERACTION WITH OTHER PROGRAMMES AND ORGANIZATIONS) The aim is to stimulate efforts at the regional level in HAB science and management, and coordination between the HAB community and other communities (e.g. GOOS, ICAM, coastal managers, end users etc). This agenda item will be organized as a series of Panels: Panel 1. Capacity building: Based on the strategic plan for capacity building adopted by the Seventh Session of the Panel, assess progress and actions to be taken to its further implementation; Chaired by Beatriz Reguera. Panel 2. The GEOHAB Research Programme: Assessment of advances in GEOHAB implementation and identification of IPHAB assistance required in implementation; Chaired by Robin Raine (Ireland) Panel 3. Biotoxin Regulation and Human Health: Identification of priorities 2010-2011 for the IPHAB Task Team on Biotoxins Regulation. This will be based on a review of the inter-sessional activities of the IPHAB Task Team on Biotoxins. Chaired by Phil Busby (New Zealand) Panel 4. The Harmful Algae Information System and the International Ocean Data Exchange: Status and priorities 2009-2013 for the integrated IOC/IPHAB-IODE Harmful Algae Information system (HAIS) Included herein how to strengthen mechanisms for data submission and an assessment of the needs among governments and their agencies for inclusion of additional data; Chaired by N.N. Panel 5. HAB observations and their inclusion in GOOS Regional Alliances: IPHAB has a Task Team to act as the focal and coordination point of the IPHAB regarding interaction with the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), the Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM), and the IOC Ocean Related Hazards Early Warning System with respect to HAB observations, forecasting and warning systems. IPHAB will assess progress and actions to be taken. Chaired by Bengt Karlson (Sweden) Panel 6. Harmful algal events, coastal zone management and linkages with coastal eutrophication: IOC has activities on coastal zone management and ecological modelling of coastal ecosystems in relation to nutrient loading. HAB management and prevention is closely related to these broader areas of concern. IPHAB will discuss how it can promote the inclusion of HAB management and mitigation strategies in broader coastal zone management and planning. Chaired by Rob Magnien (USA). Panel 7. Harmful algae as invasive species: The ICES-IOC-IMO Working Group on Ballast of Ships and other Vectors (WGBOSV) reports to IPHAB. IPHAB will assess achievements and focus. IPHAB will discuss HABs and broader Aquatic Invasive Species issues in the context of marine research and management - specifically i) integrated coast area management including monitoring and mitigation as well as introduction issues, ii) climate change and iii) capacity building. Chaired by Cynthia McKenzie (Canada). Panel 8. Formulation/endorsement of specific objectives for regional activities: Strengthening of regional HAB Programme components through formulation and endorsement of specific objectives for regional activities based on input from regional HAB Working Groups (ANCA, FANSA, HANA, WESTPAC); Chaired by Luis Proenca (Brasil) and regional chairs OTHER RELEVANT ITEMS The Panel will discuss any other proposal for activities. RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE IPHAB, OVERVIEW OF RESOURCES AND NEEDS - WORKPLAN 2010-2011 OPERATION OF THE IPHAB ELECTION OF CHAIR AND VICECHAIR ANY OTHER BUSINESS ADOPTION OF EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RESOLUTIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS CLOSURE NOTE: Panel Members are invited to present their national priorities for international cooperation under each relevant agenda item and thereby contribute to consensus regarding an IPHAB Work Plan 2010-2011. ()0>@AGHKLb    9 . 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