ࡱ> %` AbjbjNN 2,,- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 T BBB@C4D  x0LE(tEFFFrMrMrMwwwwwww${h~x-0 XLLXXx0 0 FF>x]]]Xx0 F0 Fw]Xw]]o0 0 qF@E _hBYwpt<Tx0xp~Z~0q~0 q rMlP ]R@TrMrMrMxx#]drMrMrMxXXXX $6B B 0 0 0 0 0 0  IOC Circular Letter No. 2320 PB/wz/rhs (English only) 12 November 2009 To : Member States of the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC) cc. : Permanent Delegates to UNESCO of Member States of WESTPAC Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons of IOC Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons of WESTPAC Secretary-General, ASEAN Directors, UNESCO Offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Beijing and Apia Project Manager, UNDP/GEF Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME) Executive Director, UNDP/GEF Partnerships in Environmental Management of the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) Executive Secretary, North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) Director, Southeast Asia START Regional Center, Bangkok (SEA START) Coordinator, UNEP Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP) Coordinator, UNEP Regional Coordinating Unit for East Asia Seas (COBSEA) Subject: Eighth Intergovernmental Session of the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC-VIII), Bali, Indonesia, 10-13 May 2010 I have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the Eighth Intergovernmental Session of the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC-VIII), which will be held from 10 to 13 May 2010 in Bali, Indonesia with the generous host of the Government of Indonesia. The Session will review the implementation and development of the WESTPAC activities since the last session of the Sub-Commission (Sabah, Malaysia, 26-29 May 2008), and evaluate the new project proposals based on common interests and examine the possibility of forming WESTPAC Working Groups deliberating on a focused scientific topic. The Sub-Commission finally will formulate a new workplan and elect its officers for the next Biennium. You may wish to take this into consideration in the selection of your delegation. / A copy of the Provisional Agenda (Document IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VIII/1.prov) is attached for your information as Annex I. As WESTPAC Intergovernmental Sessions have a duration of four days and the Agenda is quite extensive, it will be essential to focus the work of the Session on guidance, vision and practical actions for further shaping the future of the Sub-Commission. Therefore, we would like to request that reporting on past activities be done well in writing, and that participants study reports and other working documents prior to the Session and prepare their comments for brief constructive discussions at the meeting. In this regards, the formats for progress reports and new project proposals are provided as Annex II and III to this letter. Other working and information documents of the Session as well as the details of the venue will be forwarded to you via electronic means and posted at the WESTPAC website (HYPERLINK "http://westpac.unescobkk.org"http://westpac.unescobkk.org) in due course. Kindly be reminded that participation in WESTPAC Session is part of national contribution to the WESTPAC and IOC will be regrettably unable to provide financial assistance for participation in WESTPAC Sessions. In order to enable us to make all necessary practical arrangements with the host government, it would be very much appreciated if you could inform us at your earliest convenience of the names, contact addresses, including email addresses, of your representatives to the Session. Please kindly send your response to Mr. Wenxi Zhu, Head of IOC Regional Secretariat for WESTPAC (e-mail: HYPERLINK "mailto:w.zhu@unesco.org"w.zhu@unesco.org, or tel: +66 2 141 1287, fax: +66 2 143 9245). Looking forward to a successful Session I remain, yours sincerely. [signature] Patricio Bernal Assistant Director-General, UNESCO Executive Secretary, IOC Enclosure: 1. Provisional Agenda for WESTPAC-VIII; 2. Template for progress reports; 3. Template for new project proposal ANNEX 1 INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION (of UNESCO) Eighth Intergovernmental Session of the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC-VIII) Bali, Indonesia, 10-13 May 2010 PROVISIONAL AGENDA 1. OPENING 2. ADMINISTRATION 2.1 ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA 2.2 DESIGNATION OF RAPPORTEUR FOR THE SESSION 2.3 CONDUCT OF THE SESSION 3. REPORT ON INTERSESSIONAL ACTIVITIES 3.1 REPORT ON INTERSESSIONAL ACTIVITIES 3.1.1 Statement of the Chairperson 3.1.2 Report by the Secretariat on Intersessional Activities and Budget Overview 3.1.3 Operation of IOC Regional Secretariat for WESTPAC 3.2 RECENT DEVELOPMENTS WITHIN IOC, UNESCO RELEVANT TO WESTPAC 4. POLICY ISSUES 4.1 CONTRIBUTION OF SUB-COMMISSION TO THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF IOC 4.2 WESTPAC OCEAN RESEARCH PRIORITY PLAN 4.3 PROGRESS ON THE PREPARATIONS FOR THE EIGHTH WESTPAC INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM IN 2011 5. REVIEW AND EVALUATION OF REGIONAL PROGRAMMES AND PROJECTS FOR MAY 2008 - MAY 2010 5.1 MARINE SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS -- Harmful Algal Bloom -- Ocean Remote Sensing -- Response of Marine Hazards to Climate Change -- Fluvial Sediments to the South China Sea -- Marine and Coastal Biodiversity and its Management -- Coral Reef under Climate and Anthropogenic Perturbations 5.2 OCEAN OBSERVATIONS AND SERVICES -- North East Asian Regional-GOOS (NEAR-GOOS) -- South East Asian Regional-GOOS (SEAGOOS) -- Marine Hazards Forecasting and Mitigation in the Western Pacific -- International Bathymetric Chart of the Western Pacific (IBCWP) -- Ocean Data & Information Network for the Western Pacific (ODINWESTPAC) 5.3 CAPACITY BUILDING AND PUBLIC AWARENESS -- UNESCO/IOC Regional Network of Training and Research Centres on Oceanography in the Western Pacific -- Enhancing the Capability on Oil Spill Response and the Restoration of Marine Ecosystems -- E-bulletin 6. REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF NEW PROJECT PROPOSALS 7. OPERATING GUIDELINE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF WESTPAC WORKING GROUPS 8. REVIEW AND ADOPTION OF PROPOSED WESTPAC WORKING GROUPS AND THEIR TERMS OF REFERENCE 9. COOPERATION WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS 10. WESTPAC WORKPLAN AND BUDGET FOR MAY 2010 - MAY 2012 11. OTHER MATTERS 12. ELECTIONS 13. DATE AND PLACE OF THE NEXT SESSION 14. ADOPTION OF SUMMARY REPORT AND RECOMMENDATIONS 15. CLOSURE ANNEX II: TEMPLATE FOR PROGRESS REPORT (MAY 2008 - MAY 2010) AND FUTURE WORKPLAN (MAY 2010 - MAY 2012) [DOCUMENT TITLE] [author name][author affiliation] [Kindly note: the template could be adapted to other WESTPAC activities than WESTPAC projects. To ensure the constructive discussion in the meeting, all progress reports are expectedly submitted to WESTPAC Secretariat no later than 15 February 2010.] PROJECT: PROJECT OBJECTIVES AND EXPECTED OUTCOMES: PROJECT LEADER (CHAIRPERSON) AND PROJECT STEERING GROUP: TERMS OF REFERENCE OF THE PROJECT STEERING GROUP: ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT DURING LAST INTERSESSIONAL PERIOD (May 2008 - May 2010): PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED AND ACTIONS TO BE CONSIDERED BY THE 8TH INTERGOVERNMENTAL SESSION: DRAFT TEXT FOR INCLUSION IN THE SUMMARY REPORT: [provide text as it should be included in the summary report of WESTPAC-VIII prior to the summary of the discussions which will be held at the session length should be less than 1 page] DRAFT ITEMS FOR THE MAY 2010 - May 2012 WORK PLAN AND BUDGET: [provide, in tabular form, the action items that should be included in the work plan and budget] Action item descriptionTo be implemented by [name]dateRequested from IOC RPRequested from other sources DRAFT RESOLUTION OR RECOMMENDATION IF NEEDED: [provide draft resolutions or recommendations use format used in previous sessions of the Sub-Commission] Appendices: [full technical documentation, executive summaries of meetings, can be attached as appendices length should be less than 10 pages] ANNEX III: TEMPLATE FOR NEW PROJECT PROPOSAL [Kindly note: WESTPAC has been furthering himself as a regional platform for sharing marine scientific knowledge and encouraging those capable scientists with strong willingness to lead the regional efforts in addressing the most ocean-related compelling issues. However, due to financial restrictions, WESTPAC may only be able to provide some seed fund to catalyze/implement the adopted projects. The new proposals is expectedly submitted to WESTPAC Secretariat no later than 15 February 2010] PROPOSED PROJECT: PROJECT PROPOSER AND OTHER RECOMMENDED MEMBERS FOR THE PROJECT STEERING GROUP IF AVAILABLE: [Kindly note: the Project Steering Group shall finally consist of members who are designated by WESTPAC member states through its National Focal Points in consultation with the Project Proposer] PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: [Kindly note: it is suggested that the projects last for no more than 2 year, to be consistent with the WESTPAC Intergovernmental Session. Projects may be extended, abolished depending on its implementation and subject to the final decision of the Session] JUSTIFICATIONS FOR THIS PROJECT: PROJECT OBJECTIVES AND EXPECTED OUTCOMES: TERMS OF REFERENCE OF THE PROJECT STEERING GROUP: [NOTE: For the purpose of guidance and management, WESTPAC encourages each project to set up its Project Steering Group. Terms of reference need be provided here if the Steering Group has been established. If no, you may need to consider preparing a draft TORs like the following, and submit it to the intergovernmental session, as a action required for approval] For your references, the Tentative Terms of Reference of the WESTPAC-HAB Project Steering Group is as follows: 1. COMPOSITION The Project Steering Group shall consist of all member states of WESTPAC interested to participate. Once the Project Leader is identified by IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific, he/she shall serve as the Chairperson of this Steering Group. Each Country, through its IOC National Focal Point shall designate one or two members with HAB expertise in consultation with the Project Leader. The Group is encouraged to conduct the work through correspondence. However, they shall meet if needed at the expense of the participating countries as far as possible. Other participants may be invited as observer if deemed necessary. 2. FUNCTIONS The Project Steering Committee is established to meet the scientific, managerial implementation, and resource needs of the WESTPAC- Harmful Algal Blooms Project. It has overall responsibility for the formulation of strategy, and for the planning and coordination of WESTPAC-HAB Project. The Group will carry out the following functions: Review the regional concerns on HAB, and identify the project requirements; Promote efficient and cost-effective implementation of the WESTPAC Project and prepare recommendations on this implementation to the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific and the IOCs Intergovernmental Panel for HAB; Identify the resources necessary to meet HAB project needs; Ensure effective interaction and communication with WESTPAC and IOC Intergovernmental Panel on HAB, as well as other regional intergovernmental (NOWPAP, PEMSEA, PICES) and non-governmental (e.g., SCOR) organizations involved in research on toxic algae and harmful algal blooms; and Report to the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific and IOCs Intergovernmental Panel on HAB. DRAFT TEXT FOR INCLUSION IN THE SUMMARY REPORT: [provide text as it should be included in the summary report prior to the summary of the discussions which will be held at the Committee meeting length should be less than 1 page] DRAFT ITEMS FOR THE MAY 2010-MAY 2012 WORK PLAN AND BUDGET: [provide, in tabular form, the action items that should be included in the work plan and budget: Action item descriptionTo be implemented by [name]dateRequested from IOC RPRequested from other sources     -  PAGE 3 - INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION COMMISSION OCANOGRAPHIQUE INTERGOUVERNEMENTALE COMISIN OCEANOGRFICA INTERGUBERNAMENTAL  ",!"/  $'!/ !!/ 'DD,F) 'D/HDJ) 'D-CHEJ) D9DHE 'DE-J7'* ?e^wm mf[YXTOUNESCO - 1, rue Miollis - 75732 Paris Cedex 15 cable address: UNESCO Paris - telex: 204461 Paris - fax: (33) (0)1 45 68 58 12 - contact phone: (33) (0) 1 45 68 39 83/84 E-mail: p.bernal@unesco.org ChairpersonVice-ChairpersonsLic. Javier A. VALLADARES Capitn de navo (Ret.) Licenciado en Oceangrafia Fsica Asesor Cientfico en Ciencias del Mar Direccin de Relaciones Internacionales Secretaria de Ciencias, Tecnologa e Innovacin Productiva Av. Crdoba 831 4to. Piso (C1054AAH) Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Executive Secretary DrPatricio A. BERNAL Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO 1, rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15, FRANCEDrSavithri (Savi) NARAYANAN Dominion Hydrographer/Director-General Ocean Sciences-Canadian Hydrographic Service Fisheries & Oceans Canada 615, Booth St., Suite 311 Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OE6 CANADA Julian A. REYNA MORENO Capitn de navo Secretario Ejecutivo Comissin Colombiana del Oceano Transversal 41, No. 27-50 Piso 4 - CAN Bogota, DC COLOMBIA Prof. Cherif SAMMARI Chef, Laboratoire du milieu marin Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer (INSTM) 28, rue 2 mars 1934 2025 Salammb TUNISIE DrSang-Kyung BYUN Principal Research Scientist Climate Change & Coastal Disaster Research Dept. Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (KORDI) Ansan, P.O. Box 29 425-600 Seoul REPUBLIC OF KOREANicolay N. MIKHAILOV Head, Oceanographic Data Centre Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology & Environmental Monitoring All-Russia Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information WDC 6, Korolev St., Obninsk Kaluga Region 249020 RUSSIAN FEDERATION -  PAGE 2 - Restricted distribution IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VII/ 7 January 2007 Annex II page 3 Restricted distribution IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VIII/1.prov 12 November 2009 Annex I page  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2 Restricted distribution IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VIII/1.prov 12 November 2009 Annex I Page  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Restricted distribution IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VIII 12 November 2009 Annex II page  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2 Restricted distribution IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VIII 12 November 2009 Annex II Page  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Restricted distribution IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VIII 12 November 2009 Annex III page  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2 Restricted distribution IOC/SC-WESTPAC-VIII 12 November 2009 Annex III Page  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 )*+79DEFJSTUVW[\ɸtcXMBMhk7hW~^JaJhk7h 8^JaJhk7h6(^JaJ hk7hmrPJ^JaJnHtH hk7hNPJ^JaJnHtH hk7hyPJ^JaJnHtH hk7hk7PJ^JaJnHtH hk7h 8PJ^JaJnHtH hk7h "PJ^JaJnHtHhk7h "^JaJhk7^JaJhk7h^JaJhk75\^JaJhk7h "5\^JaJ*UVW = V B  O P Q $ n^`a$gd"#7^`gd6(^gd6(gd6(gd6(  9r gd6( 7gd6(5A 8 A O P Q Z ^ ɾ{m[Lhk7h6(^JaJmH sH "hk7h6(5\^JaJmH sH hk7h6(5\^JaJhk7h5!d5\^JaJhk7h&Q5\^JaJhk7hy5\^JaJhk7h "5\^JaJhk7h6(^JaJhk7h "^JaJhk7hC^JaJhk7h~p^JaJhk7hg^JaJhk7h 8^JaJhk7hy^JaJ yz$ 7`a$gd5  7gdk7 7`gd6($ n0^`0a$gd6(    I x y | ; E ĵӵӵyjyjy[J hk7h) PJ^JaJnHtHhk7h!}2^JaJmH sH hk7h|L^JaJmH sH hk7h) ^JaJmH sH hk7h6(^JaJmH sH hk7h "^JaJmH sH hk7h5^JaJmH sH hk7hZ^JaJmH sH hk7ha^JaJmH sH hk7hy^JaJmH sH hk7h&Q^JaJmH sH hk7h^JaJmH sH  `ikyCDmnxzͼ}}n}_P}Ahk7hb?^JaJmH sH hk7hV^JaJmH sH hk7h/^JaJmH sH hk7hy^JaJmH sH hk7h5^JaJmH sH  hk7h5PJ^JaJnHtH hk7h5PJ^JaJnHtHhk7PJ^JaJnHtH hk7h6(PJ^JaJnHtH hk7h) PJ^JaJnHtH hk7h!}2PJ^JaJnHtH hk7h|LPJ^JaJnHtHwxzel|Vu񵦗yny]yNĵhk7h^JaJmH sH  hk7hnv0J^JaJmH sH hk7hx^JaJjhk7hxU^JaJhk7hV^JaJmH sH hk7hnv^JaJmH sH hk7h) ^JaJmH sH hk7h5^JaJmH sH hk7h/^JaJmH sH hk7hs^JaJmH sH hk7hb?^JaJmH sH hk7h ^JaJmH sH /H!#FPQtuϾୢ}r}e}ZOGho^JaJhk7h^JaJhk7h6^JaJhk7hi0J^JaJhk7hx^JaJjhk7hxU^JaJhk7hi^JaJhk7hW^JaJhk7hVG^JaJ hk7hiPJ^JaJnHtH hk7h PJ^JaJnHtH hk7hmkFPJ^JaJnHtH hk7h/PJ^JaJnHtHhk7h6(^JaJmH sH   YZ]hj·{l]llN<"hk7h{bB5\^JaJmH sH hk7h^JaJmH sH hk7h^JaJmH sH hk7h`^JaJmH sH hk7h.<^JaJmH sH hk7h^JaJmH sH hk7hEc^JaJmH sH hk7h "^JaJmH sH hk7h6(^JaJh8h6(6^JaJh86^JaJhk7hVG^JaJhk7hi^JaJhk7hk7^JaJh6(^JaJ   AZ[\] 7l8`8gd.<  78lgd.< 7l  7lgd6($ 7plp^pa$gd6($ 7p^a$gdk7 7gd8gd6( 7gdk7 m|} 7%0^`0gd 0  7gd 0$ 7la$gd 0$ 7l@&a$gd 0$ 7l@&a$gd{bB 7l 7l8`8gd.<lm}7^_4uK&'RSͫ͜͜{{{{{{hk7h^JaJmH sH "hk7h.<5\^JaJmH sH hk7hK^JaJmH sH hk7h{%s\^JaJmH sH "hk7h5\^JaJmH sH hk7h{%s^JaJmH sH "hk7hN 5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h{%s5\^JaJmH sH ,67^_45tu  7gdm= 7plp0^p`0gd 7 l0^`0gd 7%0^`0gd 0  7gd 0JK$PA 7l^`gd 7%0^`0gd 0  7gdm= 7 l0^`0gd(1CD?@>?BL,0456;@ASTbcⲠⲠⲎ"hk7hhL5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h 5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h{%s5\^JaJmH sH hk7hV^JaJmH sH hk7h^JaJmH sH hk7h{%s^JaJmH sH hk7h^JaJmH sH 5= >?@ASTbc 7%0^`0gd 0  7gdm= 7l^`gd 7 l0^`0gd 5 6 G i j e!f!o!p!$ & F 7^a$gdz gd}] $ 7a$gdz $a$gdz $a$gdrgdr$ 7l@&a$gdr$ 7la$gd{bB 7%0^`0gd 0  7gdm=        ! # $ & ( ) * ʸpp^^Lp"hk7h ;5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h0b!5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h5\^JaJmH sH "hk7huK5\^JaJmH sH "hk7hr5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h{bB5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h>5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h#5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h )5\^JaJmH sH * + , / 2 3 5 6 F G i j k r v ʸwl^P^D8Dhk7hz 6^JaJhk7hQnP6^JaJhk7hE56^JaJhk7hQnP56^JaJhk7h>^JaJhk7h^JaJhk7h0b!5^JaJhk7h5^JaJhk7huK5^JaJ"hk7h ;5\^JaJmH sH "hk7huK5\^JaJmH sH "hk7hr5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h5\^JaJmH sH  !#!,!R!U!]!b!c!d!e!f!!!!!!ʼʠ䑅ym_Q_>2hk7huK5^JaJ%hk7huK^JaJfHq &hk7hWB5\^JaJhk7huK5\^JaJhk7hE6^JaJhk7h>6^JaJhk7hQnP6^JaJhk7hE56\^JaJhk7h+y56^JaJhk7hE56^JaJhk7hQnP56^JaJhk7h56^JaJhk7h6^JaJhk7h>56^JaJhk7hQnP6\^JaJp!!!!!""X"Y""""####?$W$s$x$$$ $$Ifa$gd $Ifgd $ 7a$gdz $a$gdz $ & F 7^a$gdz !!!!!""@"A"B"J"K"L"M"U"V"W"X"Y"b"c"j"l"m"r""""""""""#瑨ynbhk7h6^JaJhk7h^JaJhk7h>M5^JaJhk7h{bB5^JaJhk7h5^JaJhk7huK^JaJhk7h5^JaJhk7h=65^JaJhk7h5\^JaJhk7huK5\^JaJhk7h^JaJhk7huK5^JaJhk7h5^JaJ"#.#Q#q#x############$>$?$$$$$$$$$8%F%H%I%÷ëë瑆znbWhk7h}]^JaJhk7h=66^JaJhk7hk5^JaJhk7h5^JaJhk7h^JaJhk7h6PJ^JaJhk7hr6^JaJhk7h5^JaJhk7h ;5^JaJhk7h5^JaJhk7h]^JaJhk7hEdN6^JaJhk7h6^JaJhk7h>M6^JaJ$$$$$K??+$ & F 7^a$gdz $h^ha$gdz kd$$Iflr; 0$ t0644 layt$H%I%J%%%&&(((((x(;)<)=) $ 7a$ gdAQ?$a$ gdEdN & F 7^gdr$a$gdr$a$gdHE  7lgdAQ?$ 7la$gd{bB$a$ gduK$a$gdz $ 7a$gdz I%J%V%%%%%&&&&$&&&&&}'''оvj^jRjFjF8hk7hHE56^JaJhk7hHE6^JaJhk7h6^JaJhk7hp6^JaJhk7h0D66^JaJ"hk7hr5\^JaJmH sH "hk7huK5\^JaJmH sH "hk7h=65\^JaJmH sH "hk7h{bB5\^JaJmH sH "hk7hO5\^JaJmH sH hk7huK5\^JaJhk7h}]6^JaJhk7h}]^JaJhk7h^JaJ''(((((x(y(9):);)\)])))))))t^H2HH+hk7hO6]^JaJfHq &+hk7huK6]^JaJfHq &+hk7hr6]^JaJfHq &hk7huK6\]^JaJ.hk7huK6\]^JaJfHq &.hk7hr6\]^JaJfHq &hk7huK5\^JaJhk7huK^JaJhk7huK6^JaJhk7hHE6^JaJhk7h56^JaJhk7hp56^JaJ=)\)]*^*_*********M,N,,,,,E/$ 7`a$ gdEdN $ 7a$ gdEdN$ 7`a$ gdEdN$a$ gdEdN$a$ gduK $ 7a$ gdAQ? 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