TOWS Task Team on Disaster Management Preparedness (TT DMP), 19-20 Feb 2024

19 - 20 February 2024,

Tohoku University


1. Session Organisation
2. Discuss Outcomes of the Joint Meeting with TT TWO
3. Review Action Items
4. Tsunami Ready Implementation Status
5. Synergy with Local and National Resilient Programmes, including Tsunami and Critical Infrastructures, and ISO 22328-3 (Community-based Early Warning Systems for Tsunamis),
6. Education and World Tsunami Awareness Day 2023 and Planning for 2024
7. Creating Conversations / Dialogues on challenging issues to attract greater stakeholder engagements (vulnerable groups and social integration)
8. Discussion on Local Response Systems to Other Sources of Tsunamis (Volcanoes and Meteo- tsunamis)
9. Support for Ocean Decade Tsunami Programme Research & Development Implementation Plan
10. Develop TT TMP Work Plan
11. Close of TT DMP Meeting