CoastWAVE Project and 18th Session of the Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System in the North-eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Seas

05 - 08 February 2024,

7, place de Fontenoy
75732 Paris cedex 07

Annotated Agenda

Day 1 CoastWAVE Project meeting
1a Welcome and Introduction
1 Opening
2a Review of Project Accomplishments
2 Organization of the Session
2.1a Component 1
2.1 Adoption of the Agenda
2.2a Component 2 and Component 3
2.2 Designation of the Rapporteur
2.3a Communication and outreach
2.3 Establishment of the nominations committee and chair for elections
2.4 Establishment of sessional committees and WGs
2.5 Conduct of the session, timetable and documentation
3a Partners Summaries on Implementation of Tsunani Ready Cycle
3 Report of ICG/NEAMTWS Intersessional Activities
3.1 Report by the Chairperson
3.2 Report by IOC Secretariat
3.3 Report by other ICGs
3.4 Reports by other Intergovernmental Organizations (JRC etc.)
3.5 Reports by the Working Groups and Task Teams
4a Tsunami Ready Implementation in France
4 Implementation
4.1 Report on CoastWAVE Project
4.2 Reports from Tsunami Service Providers and National Tsunami Warning Centers
4.3 Reports from Civil Protection Agencies
4.4 Reports on other major Projects Related to NEAMTWS
4.5 Reports on UNESCO/IOC Tsunami Ready Programme Implementation
4.6 Preliminary Report on NEAMWave23 Exercise
4.7 Reports on Ocean Decade, Ocean Decade Tsunami Programme and Research Development and Implementation Plan
4.8 Reports on the World Tsunami Awareness Day (WTAD, 5 Nov)
4.9 Second Global Tsunami Symposium
5a Tsunami Ready Implementation in Italy
5 Programme for 2024
5.1 Activities scheduled for 2024
5.2 Establishment of intersessional working groups and TTs
6a Tsunami Ready Implementation in Portugal
6 Elections
7a Tsunami Ready Implementation in Israel
7 Date and Place for ICG/NEAMTWS XIX
8a Open Discussion on Challenges Faced and Solutions
8 Any other Business
9a Future Project Actions
9 Adoption of Decisions and Recommendations
10a Wrap up and Closing Remarks
10 Closing