DBCP Training Workshop on Ocean Observations for Weather Forecast and Climate Prediction

06 - 08 August 2024,


Annotated Agenda

0 Opening and Organizational matters (6 Aug)
1 Requirements for Data (6 Aug)
1.1 BMKG Presentation
1.2 GBON Ocean Integration and WIS 2.0
1.3 GTS and WIS2.0 Ocean Pilot
1.4 GOOS Update (incl. data strategy)
2 Data Management and Access (6 Aug)
2.1 OceanOPS and DBCP Metadata
2.2 Drifter Data
2.3 Update of Solomon Island Wave Drifter Pilot
2.4 Application of the moored buoy data to monitor and predict the extreme disasters associated with cyclone/typhoon and Madden-Julian Oscillation crossing over the maritime continent
2.5 Synthesized Dataset of International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS)
3 Data Application in Forecasting (7 Aug)
3.1 Wave Data Sources along the US Coastline
3.10 Global ocean carbon and acidification monitoring and its impact for tropical ocean
3.11 Satellite oceanography for ocean operational predictions
3.2 Global ocean circulation, how to monitor and implication to weather conditions
3.3 Reconstruction and Assimilation of global sea surface temperature based on ocean observation, drifter, buoy, satellite
3.4 Detection of internal wave and the impact for vessel or submarine safety
3.5 Rip current observations, modeling, and implementation warning for society
3.6 Oil spill and drifting modeling for marine emergency response applications
3.7 Co-design exemplar tropical cyclone
3.8 Tropical Cyclone/Hurricane and Storm surge predictions methods
3.9 Real-time nearshore wave observation
4 Data Application in Climate Prediction (8 Aug)
4.1 Indonesian marine services from ocean observation to couple modeling –InaCAWO
4.2 Global, Seasonal ocean predictions for tropical area
4.3 Regional, Role of Indonesian throughflows (ITF) for climate conditions
4.4 Marine Climate Data System
5 Regional Requirements and Cooperation (8 Aug)
5.1 National Reports (incl. marine services)
5.2 BMKG-RTC Report
5.3 Preliminary results of TT-CB review
5.4 Roundtable Discussion for Future Plans