Working documents for Eight Session of the IOC Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms 2007
IOC CL 2283 Invitation Letter (18/11/2008)
IOC/2007/TS/74 The Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms: multidisciplinary approaches to research and management (01/06/2007)
Anton Bruun Memorial Lecture 2005
IOC/IPHAB-IV/3 Annex IV Terms of Reference of IPHAB (16/03/2023)
IOC/IPHAB-IX/Inf.21 List of Hotels for IPHAB-IX (18/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VII/Members 2007- IPHAB Members -2007 (until IPHAB-VIII) (17/04/2007)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/1 prov Provisional Agenda with annotations (01/04/2007)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/3 Exe Sum. Executive Summary, Resolutions and Recommendations (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/3 prov. Results of the HAB Programme Impacts Assessment conducted during IPHAB-VIII (17/04/2007)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/3 REV IOC Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms; 8th; Paris; 2007 (01/06/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/4 List of Documents (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/5 IPHAB VIII List of Participants (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.1 Extract from: Twenty-fourth Session of the IOC Assembly, Paris, 2005 (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.10 bis Revised ToR's for endorsement by IPHAB-VIII (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.11 Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms (GEOHAB) Program: ACTIVITIES 2005-2006  (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.14 Joint ICES/IOC Intercomparison Workshop on New and Classic Techniques for Estimation of Phytoplankton Abundance (WKNCT) (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.17 Outline of Harmful Algal Information System and cooperation with IODE, CoML/OBIS (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.18 ChlorOGIN, (Chlorophyll Ocean Global Integrated Network)Report of the Plymouth Chlorophyll Meeting and Workshops (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.19 Implementation of HAB Monitoring Within the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.2 Information on HABP developments 2005-2006 (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.22 Joint FAO/WHO/IOC activities to provide scientific advice on marine biotoxins, Marine Pollution Bulletin 52 (2006) 1735–1745: (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.22 Terms of Reference GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee (30/04/2007)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.6 UNESCO Cross Cutting Project ANCA- FANSA Portal (26/11/2008)
IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.9 Overview of IOC training courses on HAB (26/11/2008)
OC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.7 Report of the VII IOC Regional Working Group on Harmful Algal Blooms in South America (FANSA), 21-23 June 2006, Lima, Peru, (26/11/2008)
 IOC/IPHAB-VIII/Inf.21 Proposal for IOC co-sponsorship of a proposed new SCOR Working Group to assess and compare spatial relationships between changing global nutrient exports and loads and the proliferation of major HAB species (26/11/2008)