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Below you can see the list of all documents that are stored in OceanExpert.

To find the document(s) you are looking for you have these options:

  • You can browse through the list (sort the documents by clicking on ID, Title or Date in the table header or footer).
  • Use one of the Document Lists of IOC documents for a particular IOC programme (e.g. IODE Session reports ).
  • The search box at the top right of this page gives you the possibility to search for documents that contain a certain word in their title.
    Note that this is a very simple search and you need to enter complete words that appear as such in the title
    (e.g. 'national contact manual' will work, 'national manual' will not work for a document with the title 'IOC National Contact Manual (National Focal Points contact list)' ).
  • For more advanced search queries, you can use the Search page that enables you to do a more elaborated search for availlable documents (e.g. using boolean operators "AND" or "OR").