Reaching IODE's target audience: implementation of new technologies and developing countries or how to involve them in cyberspace

Author(s) IOC for UNESCO
Summary The last 10 years have witnessed a revolution in the handling of both data and information through the widespread availability of personal computers. Increasingly, data and information about data collections are being produced in electronic form. The latest advances are in the realm of data and information delivery. Here, the proliferation in the use of CD ROMs is giving everyone who has a modest computer and CD ROM reader the ability to access large archives of both data and information, instantly. There is also, of course, the rapid advances in electronic networks and their linking via the Internet as a conduit between global data and information providers and users. All of this technology does not automatically make for an improved global data and information exchange system. It does provide a relatively inexpensive means for countries and individuals to more fully participate in the global data collection and utilization that IODE represents. This paper will discuss in brief these technologies to examine their opportunities, but also to point out the inherent challenges.
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Status Published on 04 Sep 1995
Notes Fifteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange Athens, Greece, 23-31 January 1996
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