Status of Exchange of Data and Information between the IOC Regional Programmes and the IODE System

Author(s) IOC for UNESCO
Summary The regional subsidiary bodies of the IOC have been developed since the middle 1970s and in particular during the 1980s to foster intergovernmental co-operation in marine sciences. The basic ideas are that regional co-operation including that of marine science is a necessity because of the dynamics of the ocean and the marine environment (as well as its resources); because a regional perspective helps define priorities and priority needs; because of the pooling efforts and because it fosters regional and national development and supports a multi-lateral economy; because to address many marine problems on a regional rather than a national or global basis is more effective in view of the dynamical properties of the ocean environment and its interactions with land and atmosphere.
Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 12 Jan 1996
Notes Fifteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange Athens, Greece, 23-31 January 1996
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Group(s): IODE
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