The Global Oceanographic Data Archaeology and Rescue Project (GODAR):

Author(s) Philip Woodworth (Chairman GE-GLOSS and Director, Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level)
Summary At its meeting in May 1999, the IOC Group of Experts on the Global Sea Level Observing System (GE-GLOSS) discussed the need for data archaeology of historic sea level records in order to possibly extend existing time series and/or gain access to observations which are not in digital form. Following on from this, a member of the GE-GLOSS attended the GODAR Review Conference in Silver Spring, Maryland in July 1999, and suggested that sea-level data also be included in the GODAR project.
Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 09 Oct 2000
Notes Sixteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE), Lisbon, Portugal, 30 October – 9 November 2000
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Group(s): IODE
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