Development of a marine XML: ICES-IOC Study Group on the Development of Marine Data Exchange Systems Using XML (SGXML)

Author(s) co-chairs: A.Isenor and R. Gelfeld
Summary The SGXML Terms of Reference (TOR) for the 2002/2003 period are as follows: TOR 1. Create, evaluate and discuss intersessional work on SGXML parameter dictionary including the population of the dictionary for distribution via a defined XML structure. The XML web distribution of the parameter dictionaries should be completed and the usefulness of the exercise for cross mapping of parameter dictionaries needs to be assessed. The applicability of the XML structure for other dictionaries should also be determined. TOR 2. Evaluate and discuss intersessional work on point data structure. Evaluate the usefulness of the generalised Keeley brick approach with application to various point data types. The generalised point data structure needs to be critically evaluated from the perspective of the international data centres. The applicability of the abstract Keeley bricks needs to be evaluated. TOR 3. Report on the investigation into other available existing standards (e.g., geographers through the Open GIS consortium, taxonomy, ISO standards, metadata standards (MEDI, GFDC, EDMED, etc), utilising what has already been built. The metadata problem is common to many organisations and considerable effort has been made by these other organisations. The usefulness of these efforts needs to be evaluated within the context of ocean data transfer. TOR 4. Evaluate and discuss intersessional work on metadata. Evaluate the usefulness of linkages to other metadata standards and on the implications of a generalised metadata model to existing models. Progress on the generalisation of the metadata model needs to be evaluated. The generalised model needs to be considered within the context of existing models.
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Status Published on 18 Dec 2002
Notes Seventeenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE), Paris, France, 3-7 March 2003
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