Ocean Decade: Implementation Plan [Final Version]


Final Version of the Implementation Plan.

Approved through General Assembly Resolution A/RES/75/239, the Implementation Plan is the guiding document of the Ocean Decade. 
The Implementation Plan is structured into three main sections:
  • Part I explains the rationale for the Ocean Decade, discusses the process required to move from the ‘ocean we have’ to the ‘ocean we want’ and describes the desired state of the ocean at the end of the Ocean Decade.

  • Part II describes the operational framework that will guide the design and implementation of Actions throughout the Ocean Decade. It starts by presenting a series of high-level Ocean Decade Challenges and the Ocean Decade process Objectives. This sets the stage for introducing a hierarchy of Ocean Decade Actions, including the criteria and process for their endorsement. The section also describes the ambition of the Ocean Decade in terms of data and knowledge management and capacity development. It concludes with a description of how stakeholders can engage in the Ocean Decade.

  • Part III presents the governance and coordination framework of the Decade, the mechanisms for financing of Ocean Decade Actions and coordination costs, and the framework to measure progress and adaptively manage the Decade.
For more information, please contact:
Alison Clausen
Programme Specialist, Marine Policy and Regional Coordination Section
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
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Status Published on 29 Jun 2021
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