A World of Science, Vol 6. No. 4, Oct-Dec 2008

Scientists take a stand against ocean fertilization with urea

Author(s) Patricia M. Glibert
Summary With atmospheric emissions of CO 2 growing at an alarming rate, there is no shortage of geo-engineering schemes to limit the effects of climate change. One of the most extravagant proposes installing a giant parasol in orbit to cool the planet! More down to Earth are schemes to inject CO 2 into the ground or ocean or to ‘fertilize’ the ocean. The ocean is a tempting target because it absorbs about one-third of atmospheric CO 2. In recent decades, several controversial experiments have ‘fertilized’ parts of the ocean with iron in an attempt to stimulate plankton growth at the surface. Now, attention is turning to doing the same with urea. Download full issue at http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0016/001630/163080E.pdf
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Status Published on 14 Jan 2009
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