Research, Development and Implementation Plan for the Ocean Decade Tsunami Programme – Executive Summary


Document prepared as a follow-up to Decision A-31/3.4.1, Warning Mitigation Systems for Ocean Hazards, which approved the establishment of the Ocean Decade Tsunami Programme (the programme) and a Scientific Committee to prepare the Draft Ocean Decade Tsunami Programme Research & Development Implementation Plan (ODTP RDIP) for this programme.

This Working Document reproduces the Executive Summary of the ODTP RDIP to facilitate the endorsement of the ODTP RDIP by the IOC Assembly. The full document (83 pages) is available as Draft IOC Technical Series, 180.

Doc Type Working Document
Status Published on 21 Jun 2023
This document is used in the event(s): Thirty-second session of the IOC Assembly
Thirtieth Session of the Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Pacific Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System
Joint Session of Task Team Tsunami Watch Operations and Task Team Disaster Management and Preparedness

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