IOC Manuals and guides No. 60

Global Temperature and Salinity Profile Programme (GTSPP) - Data user's Manual, First Edition

Author(s) IOC
Summary The main purpose of this manual is to describe the GTSPP data formats that are used to populate GTSPP data for the public use and document the standard conventions used therein. The goal is to provide a format that contains everything necessary to evaluate data quality, data origins and data reliability. This manual is intended as a standalone document for GTSPP data users to become familiar with the GTSPP data formats. GTSPP populates its data in two formats. The first one is the GTSPP netCDF format, which is the primary focus of this manual, and the other is the GTSPP ASCII format as described in Appendix A of this manual. GTSPP encourages readers of this manual check the GTSPP Website for any undated information of the GTSPP codes described in this manual.
Doc Type Reference Document
Status Published on 30 Nov 2011
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