Observations Coordination Group (OCG)

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The Observations Coordination Group (OCG) is charged to review, advise on, and coordinate across the global ocean observing networks to strengthen the effective implementation of a global ocean observing system (GOOS) and global marine observing system (name new WMO observing system?). The vision for OCG is to contribute towards a fit-for-purpose, integrated, and coherent ocean observing system that supports 1) a rapidly expanding set of weather, climate, marine and ocean services targeting stakeholders across the globe; 2) a vibrant international research community developing knowledge and solutions for the next decade.

The OCG has 8 strategic foci on which a places strong emphasis:

(a) Improving the fit for purpose of the observing system against numerous requirements and the needs of OCGs sponsors and stakeholders;

(b) Encouraging technical development of existing observing networks and engaging emerging networks and communities of practice that are the key to addressing new requirements and needs; including the availability, completeness and timeliness of instrumental metadata;

(c) Developing metrics and targets to assess and report observing system performance and progress over time, towards meeting user needs;

(d) Advancing exchange of international data and metadata and system-wide monitoring capabilities through JCOMMOPS;

(e) Encouraging system-wide integration and quality standards through development of community best practices and standards;

(f) Improving integration of data and information through data management standards and integration pilot projects;

(g) Working towards increasing the ability of states with less developed observing capability to both take and use the needed observations;

(h) Encouraging environmental stewardship.

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