Task Team on VOS Metadata (TT-VOS Metadata)

(Terms of Reference as decided by SOT-9)

The Task Team shall :

  1. Develop a new composite metadata structure for the VOS based upon new WIGOS metadata standards in WMO Pub No 1160 and existing WMO Pub No 47 metadata requirements;

  2. Liaise closely with the SOOP Panel and with the ASAP Task Team with a view to developing harmonized metadata requirements and collection wherever possible, particularly with respect to ship related metadata;

  3. Ensure the efficient transfer of the E-SURFMAR metadata database to JCOMMOPS and confirm that at least the same level of functionality is maintained;

  4. Regularly review metadata requirements for SOT observing networks and propose amendments or recommendations where considered appropriate;

  5. Ensure that required WIGOS metadata is routinely transferred to the OSCAR database and review the compliance of SOT networks with WIGOS requirements. Liaise with OSCAR Working Groups where required;

  6. Monitor the receipt of metadata submissions from participating VOS members to ensure that the JCOMMOPS metadata is maintained as up to date;

  7. Review all relevant metadata content in JCOMM Publications to ensure they are up to date, and comply with Quality Management terminology;

  8. Propose methods/procedures to quality control the metadata submitted by SOT members;

  9. Monitor related work undertaken by other JCOMM observing networks to ensure that, where appropriate, consistent harmonised metadata provisions are developed;

  10. Make proposals for the governance of ship related metadata and fields, and consider the need for national focal points for metadata standards;

  11. Liaise with the Task Team on Recruitment, Promotion and Training concerning metadata training for VOS operators, Focal Points and PMOs;

  12. Liaise with TT- HRMM with regards to modifying metadata to accommodate high resolution data from AWS;

  13. Determine the minimum metadata requirements for support class ships to be aligned with OSCAR mandatory metadata;

  14. Liaise with KNMI regarding the implementation of the new composite WIGOS metadata structure within TurboWin software.

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