Task Team on ASAP (TT-ASAP)

(Terms of Reference as decided by SOT-9)

The Task Team shall :

1. Coordinate the overall implementation of the ASAP, including recommending routes and monitoring the overall performance of the programme, both operationally and in respect of the quality of the ASAP system data processing;
2. As may be required by some members, arrange for and use funds and contributions in kind needed for the procurement, implementation and operation of ASAP systems and for the promotion and expansion of the programme;
3. Coordinate the exchange of technical information on relevant meteorological equipment and expendables, development, functionality, reliability and accuracy, and survey new developments in instrumentation technology and recommended practices;
4. Review all relevant JCOMM Publications to make sure they are kept up to date and comply with Quality Management terminology;
5. Prepare annually a report on the status of ASAP operations, data availability and data quality.

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