Task Team on Recruitment, Promotion and Training (TT-RPT)

(Terms of Reference as decided by SOT-9)

The Task Team shall:

1.Review existing  promotional material including

- Certificates ( e.g. SOT & VOSClim certificates ) and Awards

- The VOS Poster, brochure and flyer, 

- Relevant news and articles for use in SOT or VOS publications, national newsletters or publications

- VOS website content 

- SOT ‘Recruitment Presentation’ and promotional videos

- and recommend new promotional aids or initiatives (e.g. social media), where appropriate;

2. Analyze replies to the VOS Scheme Questionnaire and identify issues that need to be addressed by SOT to improve the performance of the VOS Scheme. Review the need for and content of future questionnaires;

3. Monitor and review the suitability of the current VOS and Third Party VOS Classes and ensure as many ships as possible report to VOS Climate standards;

4. Monitor and develop global standards, practices and instructions for Port Meteorological Officers  and assist with the coordination international or regional PMO Training Workshops;

5. Maintain relevant training documents, videos, instructions and guidance material for VOS Operators, PMOs and observers and propose new documents where appropriate;

6. Provide advice to Nautical Colleges about training syllabuses for observers;

7. Encourage initiatives to increase VOS recruitment, particularly in data sparse areas such as the Polar regions;

8. Propose initiatives to assist member countries seeking to establish new national VOS networks;

9. Review relevant JCOMM publications to ensure they are up to date with respect to VOS Classes, recruitment, promotion and training;

10. Liaise with other JCOMM Networks (e.g. DBCP) and SOT Task Teams (e.g. ASAP and SOOP), as appropriate, regarding the development of common promotional material and training  manuals (e.g. reference guides for ship riders collecting XBT data);

11. Assist the SOT executive board by developing and providing necessary input to the proposed Ship Forum (e.g. generic ship design standards).

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