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MARE- Centro de Ciências do Mar e Ambiente, Universidade de Évora

( MARE – Marine andEnvironmental Sciences Centre, University of Évora )


Departamento de Biologia Apartado 94
7002.554 Evora




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The research activities are based on ecology of meiofauna and nematodes assemblages of the estuarine and deep sea sediments to investigate the ecosystem processes. Recently, the research is being focus in the development of the innovative tools to allow the implementation of the "Marine Strategy Framework Directive" (MSFD) to assess the "Good Quality Status" (GES) related with Descriptor 1- Biodiversity and Descriptor 4- Trophic relations. The research was being focus on ecological processes of the benthic marine nematodes assemblages associated with intertidal seagrass beds, subtidal estuarine sediments and deep sea sediments through the study of the: i) spatial and temporal distribution patterns to assess the responses and resilience of the nematode assemblages during the natural habitat recovery. ii) ecosystem processes by the analyse of the "Stable Isotope Ecology"and the role of the benthic nematodes in estuarine and marine food webs; iii) molecular analysis to provide a tool for rapid assessment of biodiversity changes, identification of the trophic guilds of the and quantification of the nematodes assemblages; iv) nematode assemblages of the diversity hotspots in deep sea sediments as marine canyons and mud volcanos. 

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