WMO-IOC JCOMM Sea-Ice Regulatory Documents

Document list contains acting versions of the WMO-IOC JCOMM regulatory material related to sea-ice terminology, ice navigation and safety services, products exchange and presentation including ENC/ECDIS
ETSI-5/GDSIDB-13/Doc. 3.6 Proposed Udates to WMO Manuals and Guides for Sea Ice Maritime Safety Information (21/03/2014)
ETSI-5/GDSIDB-13/Doc. 5.3(1) Sea Ice Nomenclature (21/03/2014)
JCOMM-TR-023, WMO/TD-NO.1214, SPA_ETSI_general_SIM01 SIGRID-3: A Vector Archive Format For Sea Ice Georeferenced Information And Data (07/10/2009)
May 2014 edition (revision 3)
JCOMM-TR-024, WMO/TD-NO.1215, SPA_ETSI_general_SIM04 Ice Chart Colour Code Standard (22/02/2004)
May 2014 edition (revision 1)
JCOMM-TR-080, SPA_ETSI_ENC_01 Electronic Chart Systems Ice Objects Catalogue (03/10/2014)
May 2014 edition, Version 5.2
JCOMM-TR-081, SPA_ETSI_S-411_01 S-411 Ice Information Product Specification (03/10/2014)
June 2014 edition, version 1.1.0
WMO-No. 259 Suppl.No.5, SPA_ETSI_manual_SIM02 Sea Ice Nomenclature (07/10/2009)
WMO -No.259 Suppl.No.5
WMO-No. 574 Sea-Ice Information Services in the World (28/10/2017)
The Sea Ice Information Services in the World (WMO-No.574)...
WMO-No.259 WMO Sea-Ice Nomenclature, volumes I, II and III (04/02/2015)
This document provides snapshot of the WMO Sea Ice...