JCOMM-TR-024, WMO/TD-NO.1215, SPA_ETSI_general_SIM04

Ice Chart Colour Code Standard

Author(s) WMO
Summary May 2014 edition (revision 1)
Doc Type Reference Document
Status Published on 22 Feb 2004
Notes This document describes two separate colour codes for use on ice charts: the first one based on total concentration (CT) intended for use when the stage of development is relatively uniform but concentration is highly variable (e.g. arctic summer navigation) and the second one based on stage of development (SoD) intended for use when the concentration is relatively uniform (high) but the stage of development is variable (e.g. arctic winter navigation). Document is an integral part and extension of the WMO Sea Ice Nomenclature, Supplement No. 4 (WMO-No. 259) currently in force.
Keywords ETSI, ice code
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