Ocean Decade Vision 2030 - Draft Outcomes Report and White Papers (January 2024)


In advance of the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference that was held in Barcelona from 10-12 April, the draft recommendations of the Vision 2030 process were released to feed discussion and debate during the Conference. The draft Vision 2030 Outcomes Report and Outcomes Report Executive Summary are available below:

  • Vision 2030 Outcomes Report
  • Vision 2030 Outcomes Report - Executive Summary

Following exchanges at the Conference, the Vision 2030 White Papers were finalized by the experts of the 10 Working Groups and published in their final versions below:

  • Challenge 1: Understand and beat marine pollution
  • Challenge 2: Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Challenge 3: Sustainably feed the global population
  • Challenge 4: Develop a sustainable and equitable ocean economy
  • Challenge 5: Unlock ocean-based solutions to climate change
  • Challenge 6: Increase community resilience to ocean hazards
  • Challenge 7: Expand the Global Ocean Observing System
  • Challenge 8: Create a digital representation of the ocean
  • Challenge 9: Skills, knowledge and technology for all
  • Challenge 10: Change humanity’s relationship with the ocean
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