DBCP Task Team on Wave Measurement (TT-WM)

terms of reference for 

task team on wave measurment (tt-wm)

(as approved at DBCP XXXVIII)

1. Continue to coordinate, on an ongoing basis, intercomparisons of wave measurements from different platforms, on an opportunistic basis;

2. Continue to support the delivery of high quality spectral wave measurements from both moored and drifting buoys;

3. Publish ongoing intercomparison results on the Wave Measurement and Evaluation web site;

4. Promote widely discussions on in situ wave measurement, including user requirements, evaluation, best practices, and emerging technologies, with responsible national agencies, and international programmes including GCOS, GOOS, and other relevant bodies;

5. Contribute to training material to educate users about appropriate wave measurement procedures and uses of the data, including the need for high quality data and metadata for all users;

6. Contribute, as appropriate, to the  Standards and Best Practice Guides, including a recommended approach to making reliable, high-quality spectral wave measurements, including directional spectra;

7. Outreach the wave measurement developments and analyses to DBCP and other scientific fora, including the International Wave Workshop, and organize special workshops on wave measurement as appropriate and necessary;

8. Report on activities of the Task Team at the annual DBCP Panel sessions.

9. Propose to the DBCP and its Executive Board any evaluation activities and pilot projects that it deems beneficial to buoy operators

10. Ensure strong liaison with TT-DM, TT-MB, and TT-DBPS and the WMO SC-MMO on wave related matters.

Membership:  The membership is decided at Panel Sessions and is open to all Panel members.

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