IOC Manuals and Guides No. 81 rev2. Procedures for Proposing and Evaluating IODE Projects and Activities (Revised Edition 2021)

Author(s) G.Reed

At its 24th session the IODE Committee approved the Report of the Inter-sessional Working Group to Propose a Re-structuring of IODE which recommended revising the current structure, projects and activities of IODE and decided that the relation between projects (e.g. data flow) should be better communicated within the IODE community but also to the user communities.

The Committee agreed that both existing and new IODE projects and activities will benefit from a more effective tracking and oversight process to help ensure that they meet IODE strategic goals and objectives. The Committee adopted Decision IODE-XXIV.3 IODE (Project and Activity Performance Evaluation). These procedures apply to both existing and new projects and activities.

This revised edition includes changes requested by the IODE Management Group to address the following issues: (i) all projects should develop work plans that have clear performance indicators and measurable deliverables, and (ii) the project reporting template should align with the work plan and which would allow for more straightforward evaluation by the IODE Management Group.

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Status Published on 06 Jan 2022
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